Kate Bush Birthday (July 30th)

Kate Bush Birthday (July 30th)

Kate Bush (origin name Catherine Bush) an English vocalist, musician, record producer and songwriter was born on 30th July, 1958 in Kent, England, UK.

Kate Bush Biography and Career

Kate Bush father, Robert Bush was a doctor and skilled pianist. Kate Bush mother Hannah Bush was a nurse and also award-winning dancer. When Kate Bush was six years old, Kate Bush began playing piano and after some time, when Kate Bush crossed the teenage Kate composed above two hundred songs.

Roy Harper singer and songwriter was one of Kate Bush’s determine influence. Roy Harper worked together in 1980s and 1990s. Kate Bush has been prejudiced by legendary authors than song composer. "She is lovely to work with, a true musician. There is no need to tell her what to do, she has already done it and she is ahead, making suggestions. She is very honest and very gentle, bright and full of creativity, the kind of girl you should've married, really. She is very private and family orientated now. When you are that good a person, the danger is that everybody takes the piss. The cure for that is to keep you out of the public eye."

David Gilmour who is from Pink Floyd was noticed her talent. David Gilmour supported Kate Bush to sign at teenage an agreement with the eminent label EMI. EMI has been similarly with enduring in the middle age. Kate Bush has verified Aerial intermittently for six years. " Kate Bush 's one of those artists who records and makes music to her own timescale rather than meet a record company's deadlines, which is fine by us,” declared an EMI insider, through no hint of shingled teeth. Kate Bush was selected for “Wuthering Heights” in 1978. Kate Bush became famous in UK charts in a very short time.

In 1985 the film “Cloud busting”, through the appearance of Donald Sutherland, Kate Bush was cherished by the reviewer. At the same year, 1985, “Hounds of Love” was a compliment to Alfred Hitchcock. Kate Bush released a small movie in 1994 called "The Line, the Cross & the Curve"; in this movie Kate Bush applied five songs of her 1993 album “The Red Shoes”.

Following her achievement in music Kate Bush started to be fascinated by movie too. Kate Bush created her own film.

Total Kate Bush produced eight albums and her three albums were very cherished and settled for a lengthy time in first place on UK charts. Some of them were “King of the Mountain”, Don’t Give Up”, “The Man with the Child in His Eyes”, “Babushka” and “Running Up That Hill”.

Kate Bush has been in advance of her period, through dramatic records in 1970s and performing about searching support in processor in 1980s, although frequently Kate Bush has been in her own period, running to her possess timescale.


  • Kate Bush Height: 160cm
  • Kate Bush has two brothers: John Carder Bush and Paddy Bush
  • Kate Bush invented and deliberated a wireless microphone earpiece.
  • In 1998 Kate Bush gave birth a son named Albert (Bertie).
  • In 2002 Kate Bush won Q Classic Songwriter Award.
  • Kate Bush is a vegetarian.

Kate Bush Live Performances

In 1982 Kate Bush took part in the initial profit show in the assist of The Prince’s Trust besides performers such as Phil Collins, Pete Townsend, Midge Ure and Madness. This presentation became dishonorable for her “Wardrobe Malfunction” during the set, her strip less top fell down; but Kate Bush continued her performance holding the aberrant thing to her breast before captivating a very petty bow. Townsend enclosed her rapid exit through a “whoops!”

On April25, 1986 Kate performed live for British aid organization occasion Comic Relief, singing “Do Bears….?” A comical duet with Rowan Atkinson and a version of “Breathing”. On March 1987, Kate Bush sang “Running Up That Hill” at The Secret Policeman’s Third Ball, through David Gilmour on guitar.

In January 2002, Kate Bush emerged with Gilmour performing the fraction of the doctor in “Comfortably Numb” at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Though this was verified for addition on the David Gilmour in Concert DVD, this was stopped for the final release because Kate Bush was gloomy with her uneasy performance.


"When I'm writing I've been playing something for a couple of hours and I'm almost in a trance. At two or three in the morning you can actually see bits of inspiration floating about and grab them."


Studio Albums:

  • Lion heart (1978)
  • The Kick Inside (1978)
  • Never for Ever (1980)
  • The Dreaming (1982)
  • Hounds of Love (1985)
  • The Sensual World (1989)
  • The Red Shoes (1993)
  • Aerial (2005).


  • The Single File (1983) Box-set
  • The Whole Story (1986)
  • This Woman's Work (1990) Box-set.

Other Releases:

  • The Single File (1983) Video
  • The Whole Story (1986) Video
  • This Woman's Work (1990) Video
  • Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (1994) CD and video box-set.

Kate Bush Awards:


Melody Maker Annual Poll Awards

  • Best Female Singer and Brightest Hope, 1978

Edison Award, from the Association of Dutch Phonographical Industries

  • Best Single, 1978


Ivor Novello Awards

  • Outstanding British Lyric (for The Man With the Child in His Eyes)

BPI Awards

  • Best Female Singer

Record Mirror Poll

  • Best New Artist, 1978

Melody Maker Annual Poll Awards

  • Best Female Singer, 1979


BPI Awards

  • Best Female Singer

Music Week annual awards

  • Top Female Artist, 1979

Capital Radio Awards

  • Best Female Vocalist, 1979

NME poll

  • Best Female Singer, 1979

Record Mirror poll

  • Best Female Singer, 1979


MIDEM Video Awards

  • Best International Performance, for Babooshka


BRIT Awards

  • Best British Female Solo Artist

US College Music Awards

  • Best British Female Solo Artist


Q Awards

  • Q Classic Songwriter Award


Ivor Novello Awards

  • Outstanding Contribution to British Music


The Observer Readers award

Greatest Cover of all time for a 1991 cover of Elton John's Rocket Man


BBC "Pop on Trial" Readers Poll

  • Seventh Best Song of the 1970's Wuthering Heights

The Sunday Telegraph

  • Second Best British Songwriter of all time

Kate Bush Nominations


MTV Video Music Awards

  • Best Female Video (for Running Up That Hill)

BRIT Awards

  • Best British Female Solo Artist
  • Best British Album (for Hounds of Love)
  • Best British Single (for Running Up That Hill)
  • Best British Producer (for Hounds of Love)


MTV Video Music Awards

  • Best Female Video (for The Big Sky)


Grammy Award

  • Best Concept Music Video (for The Whole Story)


BRIT Awards

  • Best British Album (for The Sensual World)
  • Best British Producer (for The Sensual World)


Grammy Awards

  • Best Alternative Music Performance (for The Sensual World)


Grammy Awards

  • Best Music Video - Long Form (for The Line, the Cross & the Curve)


BRIT Awards

  • Best Song Of The Past 25 Years (for Wuthering Heights)


BRIT Awards

  • Best British Female Solo Artist
  • Best British Album (for Aerial)


Satellite Awards

  • Best Original Song (for Lyra)