Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign originally said "Hollywoodland" before it was shortened in 1945. The Hollywood Sign is the most famous sign in the world. It is located on Mount Lee in Griffith Park overlooking Hollywood. It is illegal to hike to the Hollywood Sign. There are many good vantage points from the streets of Hollywood. The Sign is a trademark of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Any commercial usage of the Sign requires the approval of the Chamber.

The Hollywood Sign: History

The Sign was built in 1923 to interpret Hollywoodland, as a advertising trick to uphold sales of homes in a part by the same name along Beachwood Canyon. Original expenditure was $21,000. Alphabets were 30 feet wide and 50 feet high, and were studded with low wattage light bulbs, 4,000 on the whole. The Sign was likely to last a year and a half. Safeguarding of the Sign was discontinued in 1939.

Late in 1944, the M. H. Sherman Company, developers of the Hollywoodlands, gave up claimed to the City of Los Angeles about 455 acres of land adjacent Griffith Park, which property included the Sign. In 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce entered into a contract with the Department of Recreation and Parks to revamp and reconstruct the Sign and to get rid of "land" so that it would spell HOLLYWOOD. The cost was expected to be $4,000. The light bulbs had long before been stolen, and the City predetermined that any new lighting would be at the cost of the Chamber. The Sign was affirmed Los Angeles Cultural-Historical Monument #111 in 1973 by the Cultural Heritage Board of the City of Los Angeles. A fund raising movement was launched in April of 1978 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to rebuild the Sign after it had badly depreciated. Donors made a payment $27,700 each to buy a substitute letter. Job to recreate the Sign commenced in August of 1978 and was ended by November. Pacific Outdoor Advertising Company, in combination with Hughes Helicopters and Heath Sign Company, knocked down the leftovers of the old Sign and set up new all steel letters in its position. The Sign at the present stretches 450 feet across the side of Mount Lee, and is still 50 feet tall. It weighs 450,000 pounds. The innovative Hollywood Sign was unveiled live on November 14, 1978, on Hollywood's 75th anniversary.

Before a television viewers of 60 million. Primary accountability for the maintenance and protection of the Sign rests with the Hollywood Sign Trust. The trustees are named by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Sign: Measurement

H - 45' high by 33' 6" wide
O - 45' high by 33' wide
L - 45' high by 31' wide
L - 45' high by 31' wide
Y - 45' high by 35' wide
W - 45' high by 39' 9" wide
O - 45' high by 39' 9" wide
O - 45' high by 39' 9" wide
D - 45' high by 33' wide

Each letters thickness differs:

9 ft. at the apex and base of the Os and D. 10 ft. at the cross slab of the H, the flat bars of the Ls. 11 ft. at the perpendicular sections of the H, Os, Ls, and D. The Y is 11 ft. at the top twigs, but the base is 13 ft. The W is also complex. The top points are 11 ft., 5 ft. 6 inches, and 8 ft. 9 inches broad from left to right, and the bases are 6 ft. 6 inches and 6 ft. (left to right).

The Hollywood Sign: Today

Balanced and refined for this millennium, the Hollywood Sign go on with to stimulating moviemakers and admirers around the world, while playing a very important function in keeping the town on the map at the hub of the global entertainment industry. Through the years – from its flamboyant real estate billboard roots, to its extended ignore and decay, to its present standing as a admired international attraction – the Sign has came into sight more emblematically influential than ever, conjuring an ever-expanding display of descriptions, desires and ideas with just nine simple letters.