Harry Dean Stanton Birthday (July 14th)

Harry Dean Stanton Birthday (July 14th)

Harry Dean Stanton an American actor was born on 14th July, 1926 in West Irvine, Ketucky, USA. Roger Elbert movie critic preferred Harry and said that "no movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad." Later Elbert confessed that Dream a Little Dream (1989) was a “clear Violation” of this law. Harry is an experienced person of World War Two.

Biography of Harry Dean Stanton

  • Family of Harry Dean Stanton
  • brother: Ralph Stanton (younger) 
  • brother: Archie Stanton (younger) 
  • father: Sheridan Harry Stanton (parents separated when Stanton was in high school; remarried) 
  • mother: Ersel Stanton (parents separated when Stanton was in high school; remarried) 


  • Rebecca De Mornay, Companion, ```...Had an epigrammatic romance 

Profession of Harry Dean Stanton

  • Musician, actor and tobacco harvester

Education of Harry Dean Stanton

  • Lafayette High School Kentucky 
  • University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky journalism and radio arts 
  • Pasadena Playhouse Pasadena, California.

A creative supporting performer Harry with a leathered face, weathered and floppy features proficient of projecting peril or poignancy, he passed the initial 25 years of his business in playing unknown person, heavies and psychotics. Then Harry Dean Stanton did dignified chief role in “Paris, Texas” (1984). Harry sang the opening lyrics in this movie from beginning to end. And he won the British film Critics Awards as a Best Actor.

After the service of World War II, Harry joined the University of Kentucky where Harry Dean Stanton taught the acting microbe after emerging in a creation of “Pygmalion.” After three years he left his college and moved forward to California. Harry Dean Stanton deliberated at the Pasadena Playhouse along with Robert Duvall and Gene Hack man. After it he became a part of the American Male Chorus and traveled around the U.S. and settled temporarily in New York to effort in the theater of children before recurring the California, this moment trying his fate in Hollywood. Harry Dean Stanton acquired work immediately and has also been gradually engaged since.

In his primary days, Harry was often owed as Dean Stanton. Harry Dean Stanton completed his movie debut in the Western 1957 “Tomahawk Trail” and the next year fixed the pattern for his job by playing a role of villain, contrary to Alan Ladd, in the movie of “The Proud Rebel”. Harry had an effective crime bender through movie for more than a tenner, with some breaks. In 1967, Harry was a criminal who sings an evangel tunes to Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke” and he became a Homer, a mobster gunned downward by “Dillinger” (1973). And then Francis Ford gave him an opportunity to control to another side in “the Godfather, II” (1974), in which he became an agent of FBI protecting Michael V Gazzo.

After some time Harry appeared in the drama, “The Straight Story” (1999) of David Lynch. This story was based on 73 years old man (Richard Farnsworth). After that he showed a morose sense of joking as a regent who examines the electrocution tackle in “The Green Mile” (1999), and then he played an affected role in a period drama “The Man Who Cried” (2001). Small roles in “The Big Bounce” (2004) and “Crystals” (2004) - both bug on the workplace radar- added additional stuffing, Harry’s already wide spread resume.

Other Works

  • 1962: one of the direct episodes formed for a projected TV collected works called “The Victor Borge Comedy Theatre”.
  • 1963: marked in an unsold show for a planned ABC dramatic collection called “postmark” which is about a young journalist (James Macarthur) who rambled the country for searching the stories.
  • 1980s: emerged in the music video cassette for Procol Harum: “A Whiter Shade of Pale”.
  • 1986: emerged in the music video cassette for “Those Memories of You” by the three writers (Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt).
  • 1994: emerged in the music video of cracker for “nothing to Believe In” written by Samuel Bayer.
  • 1996: emerged in 2 Dwight Yoakum music video cassettes: Heart of Stone” and “Sorry You Asked?”

Recurring to the small screen, Harry emerged the episode of hit comedy, “Two and a Half Man” (CBS, 2003). Then Harry Dean Stanton did a supporting role in “Big Love” (HBO-2006). After some time, “Big Love” premiered to good reviews and solid ratings, many cite appeared in the alluring chemistry between Paxton and Stanton.