Forest Whitaker Birthday (July 15th)

Forest Whitaker Birthday (July 15th)

Forest Whitaker Birth Details:

Forest Steven Whitaker an American actor, director and producer was born on 15th July, 1961 in Longview, Texas, United States.

Person Data of Forest Whitaker:

  • Name: Forest Steven Whitaker
  • Born: 15thJuly, 1961 in Longview, Texas
  • Occupation: Actor Director
  • Active: '90s-2000s
  • Major Genres:Thriller, Drama
  • Career Highlights: Platoon, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Waiting to Exhale
  • First Major Screen Credit: Blood sport (1986)

Forest Whitaker Family:

  • Forest Whitaker Father- Forest Whitaker, Jr., a novelist and an assurance salesman.
  • Forest Whitaker Mother- Laura Francis, an exceptional education teacher.
  • Forest Whitaker Brother- Damon Whitaker and Kenn Whitaker (actors)
  • Forest Whitaker Sister- Deborah.
  • Forest Whitaker Wife- Keisha Simone Nash (a model and actress) 
  • Forest Whitaker Children- (with Nash) Sonnet Noel, True Isabelle Summer, Autumn (step daughter), and Ocean.

Biography of Forest Whitaker

In his early years, Forest Whitaker and his family shifted to South Central Los Angeles. Forest Whitaker converted since Carson to prosperous Palisades High School on the West Side of LA. There Whitaker was all-types suspicious equipment on the football players supported through Jay Schroeder, a potential NFL player.” During school days, Whitaker also took sound lessons, executed in melodious and trapped the ‘acting bug’. Forest Whitaker first main role as a performer was direct in Dylan Thomas’ play “Under Milk Food”. Forest Whitaker completed his graduation from ‘Pali High’ in 1979.

Forest Whitaker joined the California State polytechnic University and Pomona on football erudition. But Forest Whitaker left because of unbearable back injury. Whitaker was received to the harmony school at the University of Southern California to learn opus as a drift and later was acknowledged into theUniversity’s Drama Conservatory. Whitaker also got the erudition to the Berkeley, California division of the Drama Studio London.

Forest Whitaker Personal Life

Forest Whitaker married with fellow performer Keisha Nash, whom Forest Whitaker got together on the set of Blown Away. Forest Whitaker had four children: twins’ daughters (Sonnet and True), Forest Whitaker daughter (autumn) and Whitaker son (Ocean) from an earlier relationship. Forest Whitaker, a vegetarian has verified a public service announcement with his daughter True, endorsing vegetarianism for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Forest Whitaker e also learned Yoga and got a black belt in Karate. 

Forest Whitaker left eye ptosis has been identified “intriguing” by some opponents and “gives him a sleepy, contemplative look”. Forest Whitaker has clarified that the condition is inherited and that is why Forest Whitaker has taken consultation for doing surgery procedure to improve it, not for superficial reasons but it influences his vision.


"I'm an actor. And I guess I've done so many movies I've achieved some high visibility. But a star? I guess I still think of myself as kind of a worker ant."

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Recent Honors for Forest Whitaker: 

Forest Whitaker has earned a status for demanding character learning work for movies such as Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai and Bird. Forest Whitaker has won numerous awards for his presentation in 2006 “The Last King of Scotland” and won an Oscar Award; Forest Whitaker has also got many other honors. In September 2006, the 10th Annual Hollywood Film Festival offered him with its ‘Hollywood Actor of the Year Award’, calling him ‘one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors.’ Whitaker was also received honored at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2007, where Forest Whitaker got the American Riviera award. In 2005, the Deauville Festival of American Film rewarded honor to him. Forest Whitaker has won a BAFTA and Golden Globe. Forest Whitaker has become the fourth African American to win an Academy Award for Best Actor on the footsteps of Jamie Foxx, Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington. 
Forest Whitaker has become a big star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 16th April, 2007.