Brian May Birthday (July 19th)

Brian May Birthday (July 19th)

Brian Harold May as an English guitarist and songwriter was born on 19th July, 1947 in Hampton, in Richmond. Brian May is well known as the backing vocalist and lead guitarist for the English Band Queen. Brian May was counted as the 39th best guitarist of every time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Biography of Brian May

Brian May was joined Hampton grammar School. Brian May is of being reserved and quiet nature at parties. Brian May has affirmed in a conference that Brian May endured from despair in the overdue 1980s, Brian May tried to do suicide and Brian May faced many problems. At that time, for the period of recording session of the Queen book ‘The Miracle’, May was split up before Brian May wife Chrissie. After that Brian May father expired because of the illness of Freddie Mercury after that Queen gave up work from touring.

Brian May father Harold was a chain smoker and as a result this habit contributed to untimely death. That’s why, May did not like smoking and Brian May specially forbidden smoking in the house at Brian May current concerts.

Brian May negligence of alcohol preserved to be marked out to near the beginning performance where Queen has fun with the group Aerosmith. Brian May had a discussion with a colleague guitarist Joe Parry backstage. Perry carried out a container of whisky and they took whisky. After that Brian May felt uncomfortable at the time of concert and then Brian May swared that again Brian May wouldn’t try whisky in his life before doing stage show.

Brian May wedded the actress Anita Dobson, who took part in Angie Watts in East Enders on 18th November, 2000. They have three children; Louisa, Emily Ruth and James.

As a Musician

As a guitar player, Brian May is famous for his outstanding solos and riffs, individual tone with the fact that May built his guitar with his father Harold May and named “Red Special”. Brian May is also mentioned as a pioneer of the hindrance effect. Brian May published a lot of Queen’s biggest hits and famous songs as well as “Tie Your Mother Down”, “I Want It All”, “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “We Will Rock You”.
Brian May remarks on this gadget, from Queen In Their Own Words are: "I like a big neck – thick, flat and wide. I lacquered the fingerboard with Rustin's Plastic Coating. The tremolo is interesting in that the arms made from an old bicycle saddle bag carrier, the knob at the end's off a knitting needle and the springs are valve springs from an old motorbike."

Due to individuality of Brian May guitar, the Red Special, Brian May was capable to create unusual and strange sound special effects. For instance, Brian May was able to reproduce an orchestra in the song “procession”, the opening series of Queen II; in “Get Down, Make Love”. In “good Company” Brian May applied his guitar to imitate a piccolo, a trombone and many other gadgets for the song of Dixieland jazz band feel.


Brian May started writing in 1968/1969. May enclosed an ample variety of techniques, but mainly May wrote hard rock and ballads. The most valued part is Who Wants To Live Forever, has been enclosed by writers like Sarah Bright man and Seal. And Brian May most admired rock figure is We Will Rock You. Along with his most striving workings were Procession, The Prophet’s Song from a night At The Opera, 1975 and a pseudo-baroque small portion for guitar octet.

Queen's Awards

Rolling Stone Reader's Poll Award,

Single of the Year for "Bohemian Rhapsody," 1976; Artist of the Year, 1980.

Single of the Year for "Another One Bites the Dust," 1980;

Famous Works

  • Selected discography
  • Queen EMI, 1973.
  • Sheer Heart Attack EMI, 1974.
  • Queen II EMI, 1974.
  • A Night at the Opera EMI, 1975.
  • A Day at the Races EMI, 1976.
  • News of the World EMI, 1977.
  • Jazz EMI, 1978.
  • Live Killers EMI, 1979.
  • Flash Gordon (soundtrack), EMI, 1980.
  • The Game EMI, 1980.
  • Greatest Hits EMI, 1981.
  • Hot Space EMI, 1982.
  • The Works EMI, 1984.
  • A Kind of Magic Capitol, 1986.
  • The Miracle Capitol, 1989.
  • Innuendo Hollywood, 1991.
  • Made in Heaven Hollywood, 1995.

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In the birthday of Queen, honors record of 2005, May became a Commander of the Order of the British Empire “for services to the music industry”.