World Sauntering Day 2017

What is Sauntering?

  • In layman’s language, saunter means “leisurely walk or stroll.”
  • But it is not a simple jog, walk, run or trot.
  • Sauntering is a kind of strolling.
  • It is a very stylish and casual of movement which leads anyone from one place to the other.
  • The dictionary meaning of sauntering is taking a stroll slothfully and pointlessly but enjoying it.

When is World Sauntering Day Celebrated?

World Sauntering Day is celebrated on the 19th day of June every year.

What is the Significance of this Day?

Basically, it is that day while revival of the missed art of Victorian sauntering takes place. World Sauntering Day is to de-motivate the style of lollygagging, sashaying, fast waking, jogging and trotting. 


  • World Sauntering Day got its origin in the year 1979 by W. T. Rabe a one-time publicist in Detroit, a director of public relations at Lake Superior State University and a manager at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island of Michigan
  • W. T. Rabe was the creator of a publicity stunt basically to encourage visitors and residents of the island to saunter, and to enjoy the beauty around them.
  • W. T. Rabe started it as a doze against jogging for which people went crazy then, and surprisingly the people who first sauntered on this day which later was declared as a holiday on the hotel's 660-foot front porch.
  • In fact not only in Michigan but in many other countries it has also been declared as a holiday, though might be an unofficial one.
  • This date also has its mark in the history of United States where June 19 is celebrated as Juneteenth day which symbolizes the end of slavery.
  • The reason behind it being that on 19th June in the year 1865 soldiers of the Union that was headed by Major General Gordon Granger, arrived at Galveston in Texas and That was really a great news as from then all the slaves were set free.
  • In honor to mark this freedom it came to be celebrated as the freedom day or rather the Juneteenth Day.
  • Also in China it is marked as the Dragon Boat Festival, also called as Fifth Month Festival or Summer Festival.
  • Similarly, Garfield, the famous lovely, cute cat Garfield created by Jim Davis celebrates his birthday on the same day.
  • Lou Gehrig the famous baseball player who died in the year 1941 also celebrates his birthday on 19th of June 1903.
  • Also in some places World Sauntering Day is celebrated on the 28th of August but the official date will always be June 19th.

How can theDay be Celebrated?

There is no restriction as such on World Sauntering Day to move around or rather saunter. Anyone can do it men women even children of all ages or groups. In fact it is one day when every one has a chance to roam, rove and ruminate; all what pleases them.

Positive hues of the Day Celebration

  • Well then if one is celebrating World Sauntering Day then he/she does not need to justify or give any reason as such as to why he/she is celebrating this day because it is legal to do so and no one can point it out.
  • So, life is often more enjoyable when one takes out time to saunter through it.
  • One will always love it even more if he/she saunter’s along with friends and family.
  • So, it is better if one makes it a day that reminds him/her to spend time with friends and family and let the thoughts and views feel free to be shared with all.
  • This is a fast paced world where nobody has time for none .Everyone is busy sitting infront of their computers aiming to catch up with the rest who are already ahead .
  • So, I n this busy world when one is getting a day to actually celebrate in a manner where not only oneself but everybody around can be happy and make the others happy and show care with concern actually by simply enjoying a bit by sauntering then one should grab it immediately.


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