World Ocean Day 2017

As we all know, our world comprises of ¾th of water and ¼th of land. We have five oceans and various seas in this world, which make our regular life more secured and space for living.

Why World Ocean Day is Celebrated?

  • World Ocean day is celebrated to make everyone feel the connection of a living being with an ocean.
  • World ocean day is kind of showing honor to the ocean and oceanic products like sea food, sea weed along with marine life out of ocean like aquariums and fishes etc.
  • World ocean day is further celebrated to allow people know that ocean is safe and protected and also its products.
  • World Ocean Day is held to make us feel how ocean is playing vital role in saving the world and making the world worth living.

When World Ocean Day is Celebrated?

World Ocean day was first celebrated on 8th June 1992. World ocean day took place at Erath Summit located in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. But it is not an officially declared secular holiday of U.S till today.

Why is Protection of Ocean Necessary?

  • World ocean day is needless to mention that ocean plays a major role in world’s weather and holding this planet in a proper way so that we can take breathe of peace.
  • Oceanic products also provide huge profit in international trade.
  • Maximum amount of oxygen that we consume for breathing is generated from ocean.
  • Ocean cleans the water that we use for drinking.
  • It provides pharmacopoeia of importance medicines

How is ocean life and oceanic product getting wasted?

  • Due to over-consumption of ocean product and pollution, ocean and its products are getting wasted.
  • Oceanic species are getting less in number as their reproductive life is interrupted by human being for their selfish means.
  • Even human race is using ocean as its garbage deposal place.

Oceanic Project

Oceanic project in association with World Ocean Network celebrates World Ocean Day with various innovative ideas each year by coordinating various events and activities with:

  • aquariums
  • zoos
  • museums
  • conservation organizations
  • universities
  • schools
  • businesses of vital medicines

What is the work of Oceanic Project?

Oceanic Network is built to spread awareness about the importance of ocean in our live. World Ocean day is the platform which provides the chance to be associated with the future of the world by saving the health of ocean involving various activities like:

  • Beach cleanups
  • Educational programs
  • Art contests
  • Film festivals
  • Sustainable seafood events,

other programs in order to raise consciousness about the contribution of the ocean in our life.

World Ocean Day Petition

Even Ocean Network is in the process to gather signatures from different people in order to make a petition to establish World Ocean day as a secular holiday. This petition can be accessed online.

Explanation to Celebrate World Ocean day

World ocean day will change the perspective of the human being about the ocean. World ocean day will make conscious how ocean makes our live worth for living by its various contributions. Oceanic products and species lived in ocean has diverse affect in our daily. Thus, celebration of Ocean day will ensure the importance of them. World ocean day will make us aware that our day –to-day little changes in habit can make a drastic change ocean life. World ocean day will make us feel whether we live in land or on the coast but we are every way connected to the ocean and its effect. So, making it unpolluted and hazard free is our duty.

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