World Naturist Day 2015

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What is Naturist and Naturism?

Naturism is the term derived from the word “Nudism”. Naturist has the motto to practice and advocate social or public nudity in common places

Why is the World Naturist Day Celebrated?

Naturists are the social activists who celebrate this day in order to find more sociable, uplifting, liberating lifestyle. World naturists also invite others to understand view of naturism. They practice public nudism in order to uplift self-respect, respect to other people and to the environment. Naturists believe in cloth-free environment in a right ambience along with like minded people around them.

When Naturism is Celebrated?

4th June 2006 is the day of first celebration of world Naturist Day.

How naturists find their places?

For the last few year, Nudism in public places has become secured and protected and even more in practice. Various places in UK, recreation clubs can be found, especially, for naturist. Several swimming pools have arranged with separate time slot for public nudist. Beaches are also open for social nudist.Naturist also book many recreation centers for them. Various clubs have the option to offer membership to the naturist, where they can easily access the facility of swimming, sauna and other leisure options. These clubs are usually known as Sun club. They also access the facility of different holiday center, where they take the pleasure of camp or hire some chalet. They have the option of selecting any resort. Inland sites are also meant for them.

World Naturist Day Celebration

World Naturist day is being established in the year 2006. Various celebrations took place in respect to World Naturist day.

Naturist Foundation Open Days for Kent & South East Region

  • It was celebrated on 3rd and 4th June of 2006.
  • One weekend it was celebrated.
  • Naturism was celebrated at Naturist Foundation located at Orrington in Kent
  • Opening time was 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Admission charge was £7.50 per day .It was per person charge.
  • Oakwood Sun club barbecue for Eastern Region
  • It was celebrated on 4th June in the same year 2006
  • In respect to world Naturist day, Oakwood sun club had arranged one barbecue for club visitors.
  • They had also arranged one treasure hunts party for children.

Celebration of World Naturist Day

NEW Naturist Go Karting Event

  • NEW Naturist Go Karting Event will be held at Walsall Ace Karting Plus!
  • Naturists have started booking the indoor go-karting track in Walsall !
  • This event is open for the people who are above 10 years.
  • Unforgettable event of Grand Prix racing will be held from evening 6pm. to 9pm.
  • The participation fee is £30 per driver.
  • Participants can get tickets from Jim Russell
  • Tickets can be bought by application form from British Naturism head office
  • Entry is free for all the visitors but not for participants
  • Awards for the winners are Trophies.
  • These can be acquired by winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.
  • Winner will also get bottle of bubbly.
  • Good quality shoes should be used.
  • Snack bar will be open during eventide

Clothes-optional days

  • This event will be at Abbey House Gardens invited by its owner Ian and Barbara Pollard.
  • They are opening the gate of this spacious garden so that public nudist can take the pleasure of celebration.
  • Date of this event will be 1st June Sunday; 12th July Saturday; Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August; Sunday, 7th September.

Nudefest 2008

  • This eventful gala will be for three whole days
  • Various activities will take place in Cornwall,
  • Duration of this event is midday of 19th (Thursday) to midday of 22nd June (Sunday).

Naturist Pub Weekend

The Real Ale SIG (in association with the other activities like Caravan, Camping, Yoga, Walking, and Amateur Radio SIG’s) are gladly declaring pub and camping weekend 
Naturism will be held at The Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire where one can find Britain’s highest numbers of pub! 

The event will include 

  • real ales on tap for the discerning drinker
  • clothing-optional walks and yoga
  • Company of like-minded people.
  • Depending upon the number of bookings, there might be the chance of an entertainment for professional Saturday eventide
  • Permission for nudity will be from 12 noon on Saturday until 12 noon on Sunday.
  • Naturism will be held from private area of the pub and the dining-room.
  • Naturism will also take place in the camping area.
  • The event is meant for British Naturism members only
  • Though non-members can visit depending upon the availability of the space
  • The weekend fee will be £10 per person.
  • Naturism should be paid during the time of booking


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