Tom Hanks Birthday (July 9th)

Tom Hanks Birthday (July 9th)

Tom Hanks

  • Tom Hanks, an American popular actor was born on 9th July, 1956 in Concord, California.
  • Tom Hanks has become a very popular star in current American cinema.
  • Tom Hanks is considered one of the most multitalented actors ever to polish the screen.
  • Tom Hanks is always on the upper row of big screen actors beside with given name such as Jack Nicholson, Jimmy Stewart, and Anthony Hopkins.

Tom Hanks Family:

Tom Hanks Parents:

  • Tom Hanks father, Amos Hanks, is a roving Southern cook.
  • Tom Hanks mother, Merilyn Frager, a hospital employee who has an English crash.

Tom Hanks Personal Life: 

During in college period, Tom Hanks fell in love with actress and maker Samantha Lewes. And they wedded with each other in 1980. They have two kids Colin hanks (1978) and Elizabeth (1982). Unluckily, after five years of marriage, they became separated. Their divorce was decided in 1987. After that in 1988, Tom Hanks again wedded with an artist Rita Wilson. Tom Hanks shares two kids with her which names are Chester and Truman Theodore.

Tom Hank’s Childhood:

In his childhood, Tom Hanks passed a middleclass life by the means of neither talent nor ambition much in facts. When he was five years old, Tom Hanks parents estranged. Later Tom Hanks father engaged with an Asian woman who has a big family. "Everybody in my family likes each other," Tom Hanks told vagrant. "But there were always about fifty people at the house. Tom Hanks didn't exactly feel like an outsider, but I was sort of outside of it." After divorcing of his parents, his elder brother Larry, his sister and Tom hankswent to meet their father who wandered throughout diverse cities until staying in Oakland, California. Tom hank was eight years old at that time.

Tom Hanks Career: 

In school days, Tom Hanks performed in some school plays but acting was not so good then Tom shifted from San Francisco Bay Area junior college Chabot College to Sacramento State University. Hanks told New York that Tom Hanks spent a lot of time going to plays. Tom Hanks wouldn't take dates with me. Tom Hanksnot just drive to a theater, to buy myself a ticket, to have a seat to sit for reading a program and then get into the play completely. Tom Hanks spent a lot of time like that, seeing Henrik Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Bertolt Brecht, and all that.

During acting classes, Tom Hanks met Vincent Dowling, the head of the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland. Under the suggestion of Dowling, Tom Hanks became a part of the festival. This festival prolonged 3 years practice that enclosed everything. But the last part of three years, Tom Hanks had determined that he would become an artist. Tom Hanks won best actor award for his role as Proteus in the play of Shakespeare.

Tom Hanks Other Activities:

Tom Hanks is a member of Democratic Party. He has sustained many contestants together with Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton. Tom Hanks is well known as ecologist who drives a fusion car and also has the involvement of the Nature Conservancy. Tom Hanks has emerged the association in television community service declaration. Tom Hanks is a component of the National Space Society. Tom Hanks helps the Board of Governors of the nonprofit-making educational gap advocacy association established by Dr. Werner von Braun. Tom Hanks also make available in modulation at theAmerican Museum of Natural History in New York.

Top Worldwide Film Grosses:

These records do not have any explanation for inflation.

Total 16 over $100,000,000 Grossing Films

Year Title Gross

  • 2004 The Polar Express $297,775,955
  • 2004 The Terminal $218,686,156
  • 2002 Catch Me If You Can $351,112,395
  • 2002 Road To Perdition $181,001,478
  • 2000 Cast Away $429,632,142
  • 1999 The Green Mile $286,801,374
  • 1999 Toy Story 2 $485,015,179
  • 1998 You've Got Mail $250,821,495
  • 1998 Saving Private Ryan $481,840,909
  • 1995 Toy Story $361,958,736
  • 1995 Apollo 13 $355,237,933
  • 1994 Forrest Gump $677,386,686
  • 1993 Philadelphia $206,678,440
  • 1993 Sleepless In Seattle $227,799,884
  • 1992 A League of Their Own $132,440,069
  • 1988 Big $151,668,774
  • Tom Hanks Academy Awards and nominations:
  • 1988 Nominated Best Actor for Big
  • 1993 Won Best Actor for Philadelphia
  • 1994 Won Best Actor for Forrest Gump
  • 1998 Nominated Best Actor for Saving Private Ryan
  • 2000 Nominated Best Actor for Cast Away

During his spare time, Tom Hanks likes playing surfing, jogging, and golf, sculba diving and watching TV amusement show “Jeopardy.” Tom Hanks is also fond of reading books on space exploration. Tom is also admirer of English Premier Association football team-Aston Villa.