Flag Day 2017

Flag Day 2017

When is Celebrated?

On 14th June, it is known to be the National Flag Day of United States. The entire week of 14th June is famous as National Flag Week.

Why is Celebrated on that Day?

The National Flag of United States was being adopted on that day, thus, it is celebrated as the National Flag Day. Adoption of Flag on that day took place in the year 1777 during the time of resolution taken on Second Continental Congress.

During 1916, President Woodrow Wilson established this day as an official National Flag Day.Then again during 1949, Act of congress re-established National Flag Day on 14th June. Though Flag Day is neither a federal; holiday nor one can declare it as an official leave. But during 1937 on 14th June, Pennsylvania was the first and foremost states of U.S. who celebrated Flag Day as a state holiday.

Where is the largest celebrated?

Every year, Flag Day parade is held at Troy in New York which is known as the largest Flag Day celebration of the Nation.

Other Parts of the Nation

Various others parts of the nation celebrate Flag Day celebrate Flag Day in many ways. Especially, Framingham in Massachusetts also celebrates Flag Day by arranging parade to give honor to the National Flag.

What is the official statute of the Day?

In United State, official statute of Flag Day is 36 U.S.C. § 110.

Different movements in regards

Different organization or famous personality recognized Flag Day in different time by explaining it with their own logic. George Morris from Hat ford, Conn. had cited this day as the adaptation for National Flag of America on 14th June in the year 1777. Wherever, the entire city of Harford has cited this day on 1861 with the celebration in a patriotic manner where all the resident of there prayed preservation of the Union and the success of federal Arms

But those facts did not get the chance to become tradition.Then Bernard J. Cigrand who was the school teacher of Waubeka in Wisconsin, declared Flag Day in the year 1885 in a Stony Hill School of Waubeka. William T. Kerr who is from Collier Township of Pennsylvania established the American Flag Day Association of Western Pennsylvania in the year 1988. During 14th June 1907, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks also celebrated Flag Day.

Who is Known as Father?

Bernard J. Cigrand is famous as the “Father of Flag Day”. It was published in Chicago Tribune that “almost single handedly he established this day as a holiday.

Others Facts related

During the week of 14th June every year it is declared as Flag Week, when all U.S. citizens fly a flag of the Nation during this entire week by the proclamation urged by the president. Second Sunday of the June is celebrated as the National Flag Day Foundation. During this celebration, first National Flag is hoisted, then national anthem is sung and later parade takes place

Important Fact Regarding the United States Flag Day Gift

Gifting camera during Flag Day is known to be the unpatriotic act.

More Information About Flag Day

Flag Day 2017