National Handshake Day 2017

National Handshake Day 2017

Shaking hand is the gesture to impart respect to other or to greet anyone.

National Handshake Day is celebrated on 29th June. It is according to the Chase’s Calendar of Events. In some cases, National Handshake Day is also celebrated on 25th June.

Why is it celebrated?

In order to give respect to the person you meet or greet, this day is celebrated to spread the importance of handshaking in our life. Even National Handshake Day is celebrated to make people aware of the proper gesture of handshaking and all.

Importance of Handshaking

National Handshake Day is being evident from the past era, that handshaking is the perfect gesture for greeting and sending your message to the others in a meeting. National Handshake Day is important in various public meets like:

  • show
  • meeting
  • call
  • interview

National Handshake Day is from the first day of greeting that incorrect handshaking has the power breaking or building relation with the other. Proper handshaking is the gateway to the prospective business deal. Hand shaking is the vehicle of conveying message of trust, friendliness and warmth. Proper handshaking is the means of making person ensured how much confidence you have in you.

Case study

According to one survey by the Incomm Center for Trade Show Research, many visitors of trade show reacts to the handshake by being very open and friendly. This study has opened the percentage of 76 for a kind of visitors. This research has also uncovered the fact that if you shake your hand with the person you meet then the person becomes keener to keep your presence in mind in future rather with whom you do not shake hands. According study of 2001, even many interviews can turn into your future job if you can convey positive handshake to your employer. Undoubtedly, weaker handshakes have less effect on employer's mind.

Negative Impression by Improper Handshaking

National Handshake Day is quite evident fact that any professionals even if well-dressed, perfectly groomed and carrying good profile but lacking proper handshaking gesture may not impart perfect impression in any business dealing. If the message by the handshaking is disrespect and weak heartedness, then definitely National Handshake Day will become major turn off in any situation.

Negative types of Handshake

Below is the list of negative types of handshakes which has to be avoided:

  • The “dead fish”
  • The wimp
  • The “I’ve got you covered” grip
  • The “four finger”
  • The “I won’t let go
  • The sweaty palm
  • The “ringed torture”
  • The “southpaw”
  • The cold & clammy
  • The “macho cowboy”

So, National Handshake Day is highly evident that perfect hand shaking is the perfect gateway to your future success. Thus, by celebrating National Hand Shake day, people try to honor this gesture properly.

National Handshake Day 2017