Morticians Day 2017

What is Morticians Day?

It is difficult to imagine one working in the funerals or cemeteries but it true there are many who do this work to earn there living and to salute them for the work they do the World celebrates Mortician s Day.

When is it celebrated?

This is an event which is celebrated every year on the 16th of June to mark especially for the honor of all morticians and the others who work in the funerals or cemeteries.

Today’s Concept

In more casual words it can be termed as- people who work in the "Death Industry." Horrifying to the ears isn't it but yes it is true. But in today's time it is not as horrifying as it sounds. Today it has been taken up more likely as a full fledged profession .or business. Small families run it as their family businesses. When ever a death takes place in a family then the grieving family members contact these people who are responsible for making all the arrangements that is from the point of what kind of arrangements till the time of the burial everything. Even many organizations are coming up with this idea.


Morticians have an interesting past that dates back to the 18th century where if a person died then his/her family had to contact the College of Arms which was then responsible for managing out the funeral. It is said that the first mortician was William Russel who was a coffin maker who is said to have come up with this idea of running business in 1688. Though there were a lot of revolts against it but it just kept on growing. The responsibilities of morticians kept on gradually growing that included more intensive involvement of funeral services from the beginning to the very end that is from carrying the funeral from the Church to the graveyard.

Recent celebrations

As time caught its speed also this turned out to be more professional and a money making business. Morticians Day is celebrated across countries like USA, England, Australia etc. The life of a mortician is very complicated, tiresome yet rewarding. People go to the morticians at the moment when they their emotions are quite out of control and in need of comfort of the soul and mind.

Emotional Effect of Morticians Day

Many a times it happens that morticians also play the part of a psychologist. It is when somebody loses a loved one they tend to go to the funeral home and let their emotions in the form of tears flow freely. A mortician not only does the funeral arrangements but also helps people in consoling and making them realize that everything would be fine.

Religious effect of Morticians Day

Being a mortician is quite similar to that being a priest many a times because the he does both the work efficiently. Not many people are aware of the fact that morticians are said to be insensitive and also cold blooded when they are actually the ones who many a times help in rejuvenating oneself. It is not easy for a mortician to get a good night sleep which they hardly get.

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Thousands of people across the world do the kind of work which many can't even imagine to. It is difficult for the others and even more difficult for the morticians for the kind of work they do regardless that this is their normal routine work. So one should appreciate the work they do and make them feel good and special as well since this is one day that celebrated only and only for them.

Morticians Day 2017