Liv Rundgren Tyler Birthday (July 1st)

Liv Rundgren Tyler Birthday (July 1st)

Birth Details of Liv Rundgren Tyler

Liv Rundgren Tyler took birth on the 1st of July 1977 in New York City.

Personal Life of Liv Rundgren Tyler

  • Liv Rundgren Tyler mother is Bebe Buell who happened to be a singer, model and former playboy playmate).
  • Liv did not happen to know about her biological father (Steve Tyler of aero smith rock band).
  • Until about the age of nine, she was convinced that he father was Todd Rundgren who had raised her and he was a rock star.
  • But after meeting Steve Tyler at a Rundgren concert, she could not overlook the striking resemblance with Tyler’s other daughter named Mia (who could have passed on as her twin).
  • Following this Liv Rundgren Tyler confronted her mother on the topic and her mother uncovered the truth to her.
  • Liv adopted her father's surname when was only twelve years old.

Career of Liv Rundgren Tyler

  • Tyler started off her modeling carrier when she was only fifteen years old
  • Liv Rundgren Tyler took part in various commercials and magazine covers.
  • However, Liv Rundgren Tyler first magnum opus came about when she was cast in a music album for Aerosmith song entitled “CRAZY” alongside Alicia Silverstone.
  • Liv Rundgren Tyler movie career also started simultaneously when she starred in Silent Fall in the year 1994.
  • Although the movie did not strike a chord at the box office but Tyler's performance won her kudos all over Hollywood.
  • A succession of movies starring Tyler followed including inventing the Abbots (1997), that thing you do (1996) and Stealing Beauty (1996).
  • Her carrier's big bang came in 1998: Armageddon was launched on the day of her 21st birthday.
  • The movie turned out to be a box office bang and included songs like “What kind of love are you on" and " I don't want to miss a thing" composed by the band of her father.
  • Tyler's most significant role came in the year 2001 with the movie "Lord of the rings" in which her role was elf princess by the name of Arwen Undomiel.
  • The lord of the rings trilogy got the place of nomination in 30 Academy Awards and received the glory of the best picture award due to its final installment.
  • Liv Rundgren Tyler Hollywood dream continued with movies that followed including jersey girl, lonesome Jim and Reign over me.

Love and Marital Life of Liv Rundgren Tyler

  • Liv Tyler's love life included her courtship with actor Joaquin Phoenix.
  • Their relation lingered from the year 1995 to 1998.
  • The couple exchanged their first glance on the sets of Raising the Abbots.
  • But the relationship ended in dead heat.
  • Finally, in the year 2003 Liv Tyler tied the knot with the musician from Britain.
  • His name is Royston Langdon (bassist of vocalist of spacehog band).
  • On December 2004, they had a son and his name is Milo.
  • Recently during 2008, Langdon and Tyler have made its official that couple would be parting as a friend.

Achievements of Liv Rundgren Tyler

  • Tyler won the Critics Award from Russian Guild of Film Critics for the best foreign actress for her role in the movie Onegin in 1999.
  • In 2008 she starred in the movie "The Incredible Hulk" alongside Edward Norton.
  • On the sets of "The Incredible Hulk" her trousers ripped and showed her bare bottom winning her the nickname "Action Pants".
  • She also revealed her fear of attending movie premiers for she fear she might trip over the red carpets and put herself in an embarrassing situation.