International Olympic Day 2017

Olympic is known to be one of the most popular sports events in the world.

When is International Olympic Day Celebrated?

23rd June is popular as the International Olympic Day.

When was Olympic Started?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin first initiated this game on 23rd June in the year 1894. Baron Pierre de Coubertin was a famous pedagogue from France. He was highly convinced by the moral of the sports and value of it. Thus, he started replenishing the essence of the Olympic game. He then established a committee for giving the responsibility of arranging Olympic event. He is also famous for his Olympic movement.

Evolution of Olympics

The first Olympic game was appeared at Athens in the year 1896. Then officially National Olympic Committee was established. After that, this game took an international shape and running strong till today.

International Olympic Day Initiation

International Olympic Day was firstly celebrated on 23rd June 1948. During the time of 42nd International Olympic session at St Moritz of Switzerland in the year 1948, the International Olympic Committee firstly declared 23rd June as the “International Olympic Day”

That day was celebrated with the help of nine Nocs from nine different host countries like :

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela.

How International Olympic Day Celebrated?

National Olympic Committees, shortly NOCs for the last twenty years have arranged this event of sport with the celebration by Olympic Day run. This run includes participants from all over the globe. NOC after and before of 23rd June arranges various activities with the worldwide supporting partner of Olympic, Mc Donald’s, in order to make this event more playful worldwide.

Those activities include:

  • Different kinds of indoor and outdoor games
  • Educational events
  • Cultural activities.

International Olympic Day celebrations

This is the historical year in the celebration of International Olympic Day. Olympic Day Run in the year 2004 was one of the best run to be considered. This year 162 countries took part in the event while the number of countries during 2003 was 141. 1.3 million Crowd including women, children and men celebrated International Olympic Day which made a record in itself. Mc Donald is the worldwide supporting partner of Olympic game from the year 2003. In this year, countries like Hong Kong, Malta and Malaysia determined the beginning and ending spot for Olympic run being the McDonald’s restaurant.

Work of National Olympic Committees from different countries

One individual website is made by National Olympic Committee of Canada. This website helps to collect the vote given by the user for the best moment of Olympic from Canada. Again, National Olympic Committee from China has an arrangement of over three thousand people from all age groups taking part in 1.5km fun-run in the Beijing. Beijing is the host city of Olympic Games 2008.

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