International Anti Drugs Day 2017

When is International Anti Drugs Day Celebrated?

According to the UN general Assembly, 26th June is declared as the day to be celebrated as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Initiation of International Anti Drugs Day

It was first on 1987, when UN general Assembly proclaimed that day for celebration. Why International Anti - Drugs Day is celebrated? It is the celebration of keeping much stronger resolution for making world against the drug addiction and taking the oath of converting international society free of drug abuse.

Quick Facts on celebrating International Anti Drugs Day 

International Anti Drugs Day in China

  • In 2000, just the day before one day of Anti- Dug day, i.e. on 25th June China arranged various activities in order to take step against drug-sellers with the slogan of "cherishing life and rejecting narcotics".
  • During 25th June, in the morning, Guizhou Province from southwest of China arranged rally consisting of 10,000-person from Liupanshui City who brought few of drug dealers as a public trial. Then over 260 kg of different kinds of drugs was being demolished on the spot.
  • That very day, 1,429.35 kg of heroin was set on fire by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
  • Jilin Province of northeast China in Changchun City, more than ten thousand teenagers on two banners (white in color) gave their signatures in order to express their determination to the slogan of "cherish life and reject narcotics".
  • On that period, Henan Province also gave the facility of the hotline which was ready to provide information on drug control. People could also gather information on drug related crimes, drug trafficking etc
  • 26th June of 1999, drug addicts of over 224,000 in China received better treatment at compulsory rehabilitation centers.
  • Then again another 120,000 were treated at treatment and reeducation-through- labor centers.

International Anti Drugs Day in Afghanistan and Pakistan

  • During 18th annual Anti-drug day by UN, in Afghanistan, Kabul authorities burned around two tons of heroin, nine tons of hashish,13 tons of confiscated opium and six tons of "other narcotics,"
  • In Karachi authorities from Pakistan also torched drugs of twenty tons which was seized in its territorial waters.

International Anti - Drugs Day in Tibet

On 26th June of 2006, in Tibet, 320 kilograms of poppy shell and seed, 67 kilograms of heroin and 133 kilograms of narcotics distilled from hemp were destroyed by fire.

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