Huey Lewis Birthday (July 5th)

Huey Lewis Birthday (July 5th)

Importance of Huey Lewis

  • Huey Lewis is an American songwriter, musician and actor.
  • Huey Lewis sings as well as writes the vocals for the band formed by him, “Huey Lewis & The News”, along with composition of many other songs of bands.
  • The band‘s most popular work was their 3rd music-album “Sports” and also the dedication of the band in the soundtrack of the feature film “Back to the Future” in 1985.

Birth Details of Huey Lewis

  • Huey Lewis took birth on 5th July in the year 1950.
  • Lewis was born in New York City and brought up in California.

Early Life of Huey Lewis

  • Huey Lewis did his schooling from Strawberry Point Elementary School as well from Edna Maguire Junior High School in the city.
  • Huey Lewis mother was Magda Cregg. She was a refugee.
  • Lewis was only 13 when his parents were divorced. He graduated in 1967, from Lawrenceville School of New Jersey.
  • Lewis joined in Cornell University for the study of engineering.
  • There, Huey Lewis got friendly with Lance and Larry Hoppen,
  • Then he started loosing interest in college.
  • Huey got associated with a band which was known as “Slippery Elm”.
  • In 1969, he left the Cornell University without completing the engineering program and shifted to the San Francisco with his aim of playing music.
  • Huey Lewis also tried his hand in other kind of work like carpentry, landscaping and natural foods along with his passion of music.

Career of Huey Lewis

  • In the year1971, Lewis got associated with the band “Clover”.
  • In the meanwhile, he adopted the name “Huey Lewis”.
  • In the year 1972, Sean Hopper got associated the band.

Some other members who joined the band were:

  • John McFee
  • Alex Call
  • John Ciambotti
  • Mitch Howie
  • Mickey Shine
  • Marcus David
  • Huey Lewis got associated with the band in order to show his talent in playing harmonica.
  • Lewis used to sing only lead vocals.

Clover's rival band at that time was Soundhole which included members like

  • Johnny Colla
  • Mario Cipollina
  • Bill Gibson
  • In 1976, the band Clover decided to leave bay area moved to Los Angeles.
  • The band got the biggest opportunity in a club.
  • Then they were liked and signed by Nick Lowe
  • They went Britain with Nick Lowe.
  • The band recorded 2 albums for the sake of British Phonogram label in Britain.
  • Producer of both the albums were Robert John "Mutt" Lange.
  • The albums could not gather success.
  • Acting Life of Huey Lewis
  • Lewis has acted in many films.
  • Huey Lewis acted for the first time in the movie “Back to the Future” in 1985. “The Power of Love” was a big hit.
  • Another hit song was “Back in Time.”
  • Lewis also played in Reba McIntyre’s music video for a single "Is There Life Out There.”
  • Lewis made his second appearance in the film “Short Cuts” in 1993, in which he had played an important role.
  • Lewis also appeared in the movie “Sphere” in 1998 as the helicopter pilot.
  • After that he played a significant role in “Shadow of a Doubt” in 1998 He also acted in “Dead Husbands” in 1998.
  • “Duets” was the most major Hollywood feature film of Lewis in 2000.
  • In it, he portrayed as Ricky Dean and his role was of a karaoke hustler.
  • In 2002, he acted in the film, “.com for Murder.”
  • Lewis made guest appearance in the television show, “Just Shoot Me” in 2002 and “One Tree Hill” in 2004. Lewis has also appeared on “King of Queens”.

More Music of Huey Lewis

  • Some of his famous albums were “Oliver & Company” in 1988.
  • Soundtrack of “Duets” in 2000 was a big hit. Album “Sports” in 1983 was an astonishing hit. Some of the hit songs were "Heart and Soul," "I Want a New Drug," "Heart of Rock and Roll," and "If This Is It
  • " The video of "Heart of Rock and Roll" won a Grammy Award.
  • The next album “Fore”, was a hit.
  • It recorded Top 40 hits like “Stuck with You" and "Hip to Be Square." "Power of Love" Scored an Oscar nomination for best song of 1986.
  • In 1988 another album, “Small World” was one of the most their most experimental works.
  • It featured Bruce Hornsby, the Tower of Power Horns, and the late jazz saxophonist Stan Getz.
  • But it failed to the expectations.