Fathers Day 2017

Fathers Day 2017

What is Fathers Day?

  • To wish a father for his unending and self-less duties towards our life, we celebrate fathers day.
  • Just like celebrating mother’s day to wish her how special she is in our life, fathers day is also a similar celebration to the expression of male parenting or fatherhood important.

Why Fathers Day is Celebrated?

  • Fathers Day is celebrated to honor every father and to make father’s realize how special he is in everyone’s life.

Make Your Father Feel Special with These Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 

Fathers are very special and have a huge impact on our lives. Let your dad know how much he is respected and loved for what he does for the family through these gift ideas for father’s day. It is not true that only women seek gifts on special occasions. Fathers also need that special touch from their kids. As they grow older they usually become even more open about their feelings and much appreciative.

If you are earning very well, open up your wallet and buy something expensive that he would like. Fathers love to brag about expensive gifts that his son or daughter give him. It could be something like a ship model or any other antique show piece. As you surf online, you will find a variety of gift ideas for father’s day. Don’t worry if he is not going to use it as long as it is expensive. Giving him an expensive gift makes him feel proud of you and him. It not only communicates that you care but also shows that he had made you capable enough to afford something expensive like that.

However, it does not always have to be expensive. You can choose a gift for your father based upon his interest. Do not forget to look online for gift ideas for father’s day. There are so many items available in the market today and you may just get an idea and select something by browsing online. If he is a workaholic, or someone who loves his phone, you may want to gift him a phone accessory. If your dad is a simple man who likes to read or paint in his free time, you can gift him a pair of bookends or a rare piece of artwork. It is important that you do understand what your father is and choose a gift according to his interests. That is the best gesture you can make on this special day.

Celebration times in different country

different countries in different time of the year.

Different tradition and belief in different countries on Fathers Day

United States

  • In this region, first fathers day celebration was on 21st June in the year 1908.
  • Fathers Day was celebrated at Fairmont in West Virginia.
  • In the same year, Fathers Day was also celebrated on 19th June in Washington.
  • It was initially celebrated as a service of church in West Virginia at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South and it is also known as Central United Methodist Church.
  • Grace Golden Clayton, who is known to have declared this service in the great memory of those fathers or men who died in dreadful incident of mines explosion nearby Monongah during the time of December.
  • This uncanny incident killed around 361 men and several of them was immigrant from Italy to the United States.
  • Another belief hidden behind the story, this fathers day celebration may be the inspirational outcome of mother’s day which took place just two months before at that time for the first time at Grafton in West Virginia.
  • According to few source, there lies another inspirational story behind this fathers day celebration.
  • Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, who was reared up only by her father along with her five more siblings, took the initiative of celebration Fathers Day on June 5th as that was her fathers death anniversary.
  • Her father, William Jackson Smart was a veteran of Civil War, who brought up his six children in Spokane being a single parent. But unfortunately due to lack of organizers, this celebration took place on 19th June in the year 1910 at Spokane in WA.


  • In Colombia region, fathers day celebration takes place throughout the city.
  • People celebrate Fathers Day by going on outdoor lunch with the family.
  • Various commercial activities take place with the reference of fathers day ranging from cars to cell phones.
  • Most of the fathers get clothes, watches, wallet and various other special gifts from the family.


  • In this region, fathers day is celebrated as the king’s birthday.
  • Now, 5th December is the celebration of recent king “Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX)”.


  • There is no such celebration of Fathers day in Germany.
  • But they celebrate Männertag on Ascension Day, which is supposedly one Thursday forty days after Easter.
  • This is actually known as men’s day or Männertag or Herrentag (gentlemen's day).
  • It is actually the hiking tour only for males with one or two small wagons, in which there remain beer or wine and some traditional foods like Liverwurst, Blutwurst or Blood Sausage, Saumagen, eggs and vegetables etc.
  • Few parts of Germany, it is famously known as "Vatertag", which is literally similar to fathers day.

More Information About Fathers Day

Fathers Day 2017