Friendship Festival 2017

Friendship is known as the strongest bonding between two souls. But Friendship Festival is known to have the relation between two regions. 


Friendship Festival firstly took place in the year 1987.

When It is celebrated?

Friendship Festival celebration each year takes place for 6 days from 29th June to 4th July. The festival triggers the time span of 1st July of the year 1867 which is the birth time of Canada and 4th July of 1776 when the declaration of independence of US took place.


Friendship Festival is a summer time celebration. It is declared as the Civic holiday.

Why is It celebrated?

The Friendship Festival is a celebration of the relation between Canada and the United States. The span of this bonding is for the last 200 years. This special bonding is predominant in “Niagras”. Two popular places - Western New York and the area of Southern Ontario are sharing an “international Border”. This festival is celebrated in order to make the bonding stronger year after year in future. 

Where is celebrated?

Friendship Festival occasion takes place conjugated by the Peace Bridge.


•The War of 1812 was the marking line of the base of this friendship. So, it is around one hundred and ninety-one years ago, the friendship took place after the signing of "The Treaty of Ghent”. Friendship Festival event took place during the Christmas evening of the year 1814. Though the message was properly received from January of the year1815. It is significant in a history as the longest friendship between two places.

Co-host countries for the celebration of Friendship Festival

Fort Erie, Ontario, and Buffalo, along with New York organizes various events during the time span of six days.

How is celebrated?

The international savor of The Friendship Festival gathers the collection of various things items like :

  • food
  • music
  • entertainment
  • cultural
  • arts and crafts
  • host of children’s activities

Attributes of Friendship Festival is the resultant effort of a reputed band every year. 

It comprises of

  • rides
  • vendors
  • beer gardens
  • complimentary breakfast each morning
  • Exotic animal displays and much more

Friendship Festival on 2007 was the contribution of Aerosmith. Friendship Festival event is a free of cost.

Friendship Festival 2017