Brian Douglas Wilson Birthday (June 20th)

Brian Douglas Wilson Birthday (June 20th)

Brian Douglas Wilson

Brian Douglas Wilson, the founder of the Beach Boys that rocked the world for many years was born on the 20th June 1942 in the Inglewood, California. In his earlier life he faced hatred and abuse from his father which always used to keep him sad and distressed however later on he found as the best way to divert off his mind and as a good way to escape from the hurt and hatred of his father. He used to listen to the records of the Four Freshman and many others with the passing time he started to recreate the song along with his two brothers and his cousin after getting a notion that he has some great talent within him to rearrange the music.

The Beach Boys of Brian Douglas

He started of with the singing in the family parties and like all young kids do in they also used to sing in there room. Later on with the suggestion of Mike to form a band Brian founded The Beach Boys in which he also included some of his college friends as well. Their first song marked the marks, their “surfin” song gained popularity in short time interval. Later on his father decided to be the manager of their band however the managerial position of his father made them to have a contract with the Capitol Record which also helped them to sustain it to a seven year long contact.

Band's Achievements of Brian Douglas

With mike Love Brian wrote many great songs which rocked the people and made them to gain wide acceptance among the people. Among there many great songs which gained popularity are surfer girl, don’t worry baby, “do it again” it was their song which gained the number one rank in the UK single. In the later period of his life he became prone to the nervous breakdown which made him to take the hardest decision as a band man to sit at home and say no to tours. However after a long depart he come back to limelight and started to tour but his health didn’t supported him. Later on he also produced two big albums named 15 big ones and Beach boys love you. Beach boys’ albums used to do low business in the America but they were immensely popular in other parts of the world and Britain was one of those cities who greatly adored their songs.