Tim Allen Birthday (June 13th)

Tim Allen Birthday (June 13th)


Who don’t remember the great sitcom ever Home Improvement, Tim Allen got his fame from this series and became the comedian that people were looking for at that time. The real name of Tim Allen is Timothy Allen Dick. He was born on 13th June 1953 in the city of Denver Colorado. His father Gerald M. Dick was a real state agent whereas his mother Martha Katherine was a community service worker. His father died in a car accident at this time Tim was only 11 years old. After the death of his father his mother married to her college time sweetheart who was a successful business executive at that time. Later on Tim joined the theatre classes and received the honory degree from there.

Tim Allen Career and Success

Tim Allen talent as a comedian came out to be on screen when Tim Allen was casted as the main character in the sitcom series Home Improvement. After such a huge success of the home improvement Tim reached the apex of fame soon. After some time Tim Allen was starred in the highest gross income film named The Santa Claus which added another milestone to his career. After some time Tim Allen again made a huge mark in his career by providing his voice in the blockbuster movie toy story. Apart from Tim Allen great success acting career Tim also formed his race team with Steve Saleen and the race driver which was Bob Bondurant. Because of his great acting talent and the spectacular performances he was assigned the rank no. 48 in the Comedy Central: 100 greatest stands up comedian of all time. Tim is also having the star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Because if Tim Allen great voice over to the Disney animations he is also regarded as the Disney’s great star.

Tim Allen Personal Life

As far as the personal life of this great actor is concerned he was arrested thrice because of his indulgence with the buying and sells of the drugs which include cocaine and marijuana. Tim Allen life were full of police and success however Tim Allen married to Laura Deibel in the year 1984 however they later on divorced in the year 2003. After his divorce from his first wife Laura Tim Allen married to Jane Hajduk. Tim Allen gave his great voice in all the toy movies that are produced till date.