Roger Ebert Birthday (June 18th)

Roger Ebert Birthday (June 18th)

Roger Ebert

  • Roger Ebert is one of the eminent name in the filed of American film review.
  • Roger became famous from his review write-up in Chicago Sun-Times .
  • It is a weekly journal and Roger Ebert is attached with it from 1967.

Birth Details of Roger Ebert

  • Roger Ebert was born on 18th June, 1942 and his birth place was at Urbana in Illinois.
  • Annabel (née Stumm) was Roger Ebert mother and Walter H. Ebert was his father.
  • Ebert grandparents were the immigrants to German.

Marital Life of Roger Ebert

  • In 18th June 1992, Roger Ebert tied his knot with trail attorney Chaz Hammersmith.
  • Roger Ebert has one step daughter and one step son.
  • Ebert also has 4 step grandchildren.

Early Life of Roger Ebert

  • When Roger Ebert was studying in Urbana High School, he started becoming keen to journalism.
  • Roger Ebert started writing for “The News-Gazette in Champaign” as a sport writer during his school days.
  • Though his career in writing started with the letter he drafted as a comment for science fiction fanzines.
  • With the passing year, Roger Ebert became co-editor for the newspaper “The Echo”, which was a journal for his own high school.
  • Roger Ebert acquired his undergraduate degree at Urbana-Champaign from University of Illinois.
  • Then Roger Ebert also worked as an editor for the newspaper “The Daily Illini”.
  • Simultaneously, he took the fellowship of Phi Delta Theta fraternity.
  • In 1961, his one of the first movie review brought out by the newspaper “The Daily Illini” and it was for the movie “La dolce vita”.
  • With the honor of Rotary International Fellowship, Roger Ebert acquired graduation in English from the University of Cape Town.
  • Roger Ebert completed his doctorate in English from University of Chicago.
  • Then Roger Ebert became feature reporter in Sun-Times.

Career of Roger Ebert

  • Roger Ebert started his professional life as a critic from Chicago Sun Times in 1967.
  • Then Roger Ebert left his imprint as a reviewer after writing about Night of the Living Dead [8] in Reader’s Digest.
  • Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel from Chicago tribune started working as a host in a film review called “Sneak previews” and it was a weekly broadcast by local broadcasting station WTTW of Chicago in 1975.
  • This local show became popular and chosen by PBS for National broadcasting in 1982.
  • Then along with his co-host Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert became popular face in TV program named “Siskel & Ebert at the Movies” and he hosted it for 23 years.
  • But with the sad demise of the Siskel, Roger Ebert had to look for other co-host to run this TV show.
  • After several auditioning, Roger Ebert chose Richard Roeper for this position.
  • This program was then named as “Ebert & Roeper at the Movies” from 2000.
  • Though he can not host this show anymore from middle of 2006 due to some medical problem which did not allow him to speak, but still his name is there in the title.
  • In his long term critique career, Roger Ebert has done many audio commentaries for DVD. Few examples of his famous work for popular films were like Casablanca, Crumb, Dark City, Citizen Kane, Floating Weeds etc.
  • Also for the film “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”, Roger Ebert wrote screenplay along with audio commentaries.
  • During the time of Academy Awards, Ebert along with his co-host Roeper made his presence in the pre-award ceremony show,” An Evening at the Academy Awards: The Arrivals”.
  • His presence made the fashion announcement and red carpet interviews more worthwhile.
  • Roger Ebert also presented “An Evening at the Academy Awards: the Winners”, which was actually the post-award ceremony.

More Achievements of Roger Ebert

  • When Roger Ebert was teenager, he was completely grabbed with the writing of articles on science fiction fandom, fanzines which also included Richard A. Lupoff's Xero.
  • Ebert along with the Director Russ Meyer (who also directed the movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and screenplay written by Ebert), contributed in the movie “Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, Up!.”
  • In 1996, Roger Ebert gave his appearance in “Pitch”, which was the documentary film by Canadian Director, Kenny Hotz.

Later Life of Roger Ebert

  • Roger Ebert was detected with papillary thyroid cancer at the beginning of 2002.
  • In the month of February 2002, medical practitioners at Northwestern Memorial Hospital were being able to eradicate the cancer but with clean margin.
  • Unfortunately, Roger Ebert had to again undergo surgery for salivary gland in 2003 and had to undergo radiation therapy as a follow up treatment in the same year, which harshly affected his voice.
  • Again Roger Ebert had to undergo surgery for removing cancer near his right jaw in 2006.
  • After battling such a painful condition, Roger Ebert lost his voice but he did not stop reviewing with the help of his writing.

Few remarkable reviews written by him in recent days for the movies are:

  1. Casino Royale
  2. Shrek the Third
  3. Zodiac
  4. Ratatouille etc