Philip Michael Thomas Birthday (May 26th)

Philip Michael Thomas Birthday (May 26th)


Philip Michael Thomas is a multi-talented American actor best known for his detective role in “Miami Vice”.

Background Information of Philip Michael Thomas:

•Philip Michael Tomas was born on May 26, 1949 in Columbus, Ohio.
•Michael Thomas is a rich ethnic mix of German, Irish, Native and African American parentage. Philip Michael Thomas studied at the University of California at Riverside, California.
•Tomas is sometimes fondly referred to as “Phil” or “PMT”.
•Philip has a spiritual bent of mind and spends time doing Yoga and meditation.
•Though he had a series of live-in relationships, he never married.
•Philip Michael Thomas has seven children in all from different partners. Philip Michael Thomas resides in Florida.

Career of Philip Michael Thomas

•Philip Michael Thomas acting career started at Broadway in 1971 with the A Pulitzer Prize winning play “No Place to Be Somebody”.
•Michael Thomas first television appearance was in an episode for “Toma” in 1973.

Philip other Notable Television Roles Include:

•"Good Times" (1974)
•"Police Woman" (1974)
•"Medical Center" (1969)
•Wonder Woman (1978)
•Starsky and Hutch (1978)
•"Trapper John, M.D." (1979)
•Philip Michael Thomas portrayal of detective Ricardo Tubbs in the 1984 television series “Miami Vice” earned him a lot of fan-following.
•Thomas is also known for his soulful musical compositions ranging across Gospel, R&B, Pop and Rock.
•Philip Michael Thomas two successful albums “Livin’ the Book of My Life”(1985) and “Somebody”(1988) were released under Starship Records Label.
•In 2007, he so-produced “Sacha”, that met with phenomenal success on Broadway.

Thomas is currently working on Philip Michael Thomas autobiography and official website.

•Philip Michael Thomas was selected to be brand ambassador for Nextones, a cell phone entertainment company.
•Michael dubbed for Lance Vance, a video game character for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
•In 1994, he was also part of a Psychic Reader’s Network in Florida- a venture that lead to a lot of controversy.
•Philip Michael Thomas played a cop in two episodes of the 1997 television drama series “Nash Bridges”

Some of Philip Michael Thomas significant movie appearances include:

•The Wizard of Speed and Time (Sep-1989)
•The Dark (27-Apr-1979)
• Roots: The Next Generations (18-Feb-1979)
•Sparkle (1976)
•Coonskin (1-Aug-1975)
•Mr. Ricco (28-Jan-1975)

Awards and Honors of Philip Michael Thomas:

•Philip Michael Thomas Nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series – Drama for Miami Vice in 1986.
•Philip Nominated for TV Land Award for Coolest Crime Fighting Team for "Miami Vice" in 2006.

Quotable Quotes:

•“Once you get to the mountain top that's where you really begin to climb”.
•“Some people never live a day in a lifetime. I live a lifetime in a day”.