Paula Abdul Birthday (June 19th)

Paula Abdul Birthday (June 19th)

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is famous for her contribution in Pop-music, choreography and as a television personality.

Birth Details of Paula Abdul

  • Paula Abdul was born on 19th June in the year 1962.
  • Abdul birth place is San Fernando Valley.
  • Her father Harry Abdul was a Syrian Jewish, but he was reared up in Brazil and then moved to U.S.
  • Paula Abdul was a businessman and she used to own sand and gravel business and also a trader of livestock.
  • Paula Abdul mother, Lorraine Rykiss, was a pianist and she was also associated with film director Billy Wilder as an assistant.
  • Paula has one sister, Wendy.

Early Life of Paula Abdul

  • Paula Abdul got inspired towards the limelight area in media with few personalities like Fred Astaire, Debbie Allen, Bob Fosse, and especially, Gene Kelly for his performance in classic film “Singin' in the Rain”
  • When she was only eight years old, he opted for her dance career.
  • Paula Abdul became the famous as an honor student and cheerleader in her school, Van Nuys High School.
  • At her age of fifteen, Paula Abdul was honored with scholarship to a dance camp, close vicinity to Palm Spring.
  • During 1978, she gave her performance in “Junior High School”, which was a low-budget independent musical release.
  • Abdul did her course in Broadcasting from California State University, Northridge.
  • During Paula Abdul study, she was firstly chosen as a cheerleader out of 700 other candidates and she became one of the known faces among the team of Laker girls of Los Angeles.
  • Within the time frame of three months, Paula Abdul got promoted as a head choreographer.
  • Then after six months, Paula Abdul completely devoted herself in choreography career leaving conventional school study aside.

Married Life of Paula Abdul

  • Paula’s first husband was Emilio Estevez, with whom Paula Abdul spent her marital life from the year 1992 to 1994.
  • Then Paula Abdul tied her knot with Brad Beckerman in the year 1996 and he by profession is a sportswear designer. They got divorced in the year 1998.

Achievements of Paula Abdul

  • Paula Abdul has choreographed many music videos in the whole year of 1980.
  • Among her other achievements, she choreographed several videos for Janet Jackson.
  • During 1995, she launched “Paula Abdul's Get Up and Dance!” It was a hip-hop style, fast paced workout musical video. It was again re-launched on 2003.
  • In the year 2005, she again released fitness cum dance video, “Cardio Cheer”, meant for teenage cheerleader.
  • Then in the film “Big”, she choreographed sequence for Tom Hank in a giant keyboard scene.
  • Paula Abdul career take a positive shape with her achievements in Jerry McGuire, The Running Man, American Beauty, Oliver Stone's The Doors, Coming to America.
  • Paula Abdul television achievements include American Music Awards, the Academy Awards, The Tracey Ullman Show and in various television commercial like The King's touchdown celebration.

Singing Achievement of Paula Abdul

  • Paula Abdul debuted in singing with the album,” Forever Your Girl” in the year 1988.
  • The album reached the honor of multi-platinum during the spring and summer of 1989. Then Paula Abdul album “Shut Up and Dance” launched.
  • Then Paula Abdul was honored with Grammy award for “Opposites Attract” and here she introduced one cat named MC Skat Kat, which is animated.
  • In the year 1991, her album “Spellbound” released and it was a smash hit. About 13 millions copies were circulated worldwide for this album.
  • In the same year, Paula Abdul did her television commercial for the product “Diet Coke”. In the advertisement, she danced with digital image of Gene Kelly, who happens to be her role model.
  • Then in the year 1995, her album “Head Over Heels” released and it received very mixed criticism from the listener.
  • Paula Abdul famous CD of “Paula Abdul: Greatest Hits” was launched on 2000 by the Virgin record.

Other Participation of Paula Abdul

  • In the year 2002, Paula Abdul became honorable judge of a reality TV program, American Idol. Two more fellow judges along with her were Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell.
  • In the year 2006, Paula Abdul decided to stay as a Judge in this same television reality show for coming three more years.
  • Then Paula Abdul was cordially invited by Simon Cowell to judge another television talent hunt show of UK, “X factor”.
  • In the meantime, Paula Abdul one of the most popular CD “Greatest Hits: Straight Up!” was launched by Virgin on 2007.
  • Bravo cable television launched a reality show named,”Hey Paula”, showing regular life of Paula Abdul.
  • Nowadays, Paula has a plan to launch her own perfume brand, named ‘Sexy Thoughts”.