International Day for Biodiversity 2015

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International Day for Biodiversity was first celebrated on 29 December, 1994. From year 2001 onwards, the date shifted to 22 May. International Day for Biodiversity marks the date of adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Biodiversity refers to the variety of flora and fauna that make up an ecosystem. Preservation of these ecosystems is vital to natural balance and our existence.

The biggest challenge in conservation and management of ecosystems in lack of public awareness and knowledge. Ecosystems are constantly depleting due to growing human population and activities.

International Day for Biodiversity Objective:

The United Nations declared May 22 as the "International Day for Biological Diversity". The aim is to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity related issues. Every year a different theme is adopted to emphasize upon a certain aspect of Biodiversity. International Biodiversity Day is celebrated in all countries across the globe. Events and programs are organized based on the annual theme.

The International Day for Biological Diversity - May 22nd

  • Biodiversity and Agriculture is the chosen theme for 2008.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems form the basis or all agriculture and livestock.
  • Agriculture is one of the many human activities that have had a major impact on ecosystems in the past years.
  • Agriculture contributes to biodiversity but can also disturb existing ecosystems.
  • The aim is to promote sustainable agriculture that works towards preservation of ecosystems.
  • Sustainable agriculture will ensure enough food and means of livelihood for the exponentially growing population in the present century.
  • Production and maintenance of agricultural goods and food Biodiversity is essential.
  • Sustainable agriculture enhanced by biodiversity.
  • This involves careful and efficient use of resources like water, land, soil and fertilizers Sustainable agriculture uses water, land and nutrients efficiently, while producing lasting.

International Day for Biodiversity Proposals:

  • Policymakers and consumers must contribute to ascertain that farmers and agricultural producers are motivated and equipped to adopt sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Awareness about modifying food choices also goes a long way.
  • Ecosystems and biodiversity can also be conserved by proper landscape level planning

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