Lalaine Vergara Paras Birthday (June 3rd)

Lalaine Vergara Paras Birthday (June 3rd)

Lalaine Vergara Paras better known as Lalaine was born on 3rd June 1987 in the city of California in the house of Filipino parents. Lalaine Vergara Para is the fourth among her three older siblings. The actress is better known among the people as the best friend of Lizzy McGuire, a Disney’s series which made Lalaine to reach in the households through this series. The name of the role was Miranda which made Lalaine Vergara Para to won nomination for various awards however the actress has many other talents instead of acting Lalaine has recorded her music albums. Apart from an accomplished singer and a television actor Lalaine vergara paras has a talent of songwriting and not only this, this 20 year old actress has also worked in four television films.

Roles In Television

Lalaine vergara paras has marked her mark in the television industry as Miranda but now the actress needs no introduction, Lalaine vergara works speaks for her. Lalaine vergara paras music album Inside Story which was released in the year 2003 has showed that this young actress has loads of talent in her. Lalaine’s second album which is not released yet is Haunted. Lalaine vergara paras has a great talent of songwriting which Lalaine showed in her album (some of her songs were included by her in her albums). Apart from album Lalaine vergara paras has also recorded soundtracks like Pixel effect and I wish.

Fashion Sense

The funky dress up of Lalaine keeps her apart from the crowd. The actress herself say that Lalaine vergara paras is a bit tomboy when Lalaine vergara parasdress up and also that Lalaine is a jeans loving girl however whatever Lalaine vergara paras puts on look fashionable. The great fashion sense of Lalaine has made her noticed and made her featured in numerous fashion magazines some of which are seventeen, Bop and Ignite, Teen People etc.
Lalaine vergara paras has been associated with many charity events. The charity events like for AIDS and NSYNC’s challenge for youth. Lalaine’s acting talent is visible in the television film like Annie in which Lalaine vergara paras played the character of Kate. The other movies in which Lalaine showed Lalaine vergara talent is Royal Kill which was released in the year 2008 the character played by Lalaine was of Jan. However there are few other movies in which Lalaine showcased Lalaine vergara paras talent are, you Wish, Promised Land and Lalaine vergara Best Movie. The many roles played by Lalaine are mainly of supporting actress and Lalaine vergara paras was nominated for best supporting actress award for the character of Miranda but Lalaine has flair of being the star of tomorrow.