Justin Long Birthday (June 2nd)

Justin Long Birthday (June 2nd)

Justin Long Born on 2nd June 1978 at Fairfield, Connecticut, USA Justin Long the son of a stage actress mother and a teacher father. Justin Long was the second among three kids at home. Justin Long studied at Vassar College where Justin was the member of the Sketch Comedy and participated in various plays like butterflies are free however Justin Long left college before its completion to chase his career. Justin Long urge for acting made him work in Sacred Heart University in Fairfield as an acting instructor in Connecticut of small children’s group.

Movies Done

Justin Long Long showed the great talent of Justin Longin acting in the movies like Jeepers Creepers, Crossroads, Dodgeball Justin long is the gut who have the boyish looks which appeals to the teen and the youth such flair of Justin Long acting has made Justin Long to nominate in the Teen Choice Award for the movie Accepted, Live free or Die Hard, The Break up and Idiocracy.
There are any movies in which Justin Long has showed Justin Long talent as a computer geek or better say master hacker but in real life Justin Long admits that Justin Long is computer illiterate. Justin Long in has many movies under his belt some movies of Justin long have made him famous among the people.

Television  Appearance

Justin along with acting in movies has been a regular actor in the NBC TV series Ed in which Justin Long played a really confused and maladjusted high school boy named Warren Cheswick. Accepted was the movie which showed Justin Long to the people as the main lead actor and which further made him nominated for various awards including Teen Choice and Saturn awards which are among the most reputed award.

Other Participations

However Justin Longin played many good roles and made Justin mark in the movies Justin Long did but long before all this he was well known to the people as the part of the depiction of a Macintosh’s get a Mac campaign. This get a Mac campaign has made Justin Long to reach in every house and later on which made Justin Long way in their hearts. As far as the actors better half is concerned right now Justin Long in is found dating Drew Barrymore.