John Edward Birthday (June 10th)

John Edward Birthday (June 10th)

John Edward is one of the most prominent figures of American politics. He served the country as the Senator of the North Carolina from the year 1999-2005. Because of his talent and his abilities which he showed as a senator John Edward was nominated for the designation of Vice president in the year 2004. He came into power by defeating the Republican Lauch Faircloth in the 1998 senate elections. This was the time when john came into power and holds the responsibility of North Carolina. He established a committee which was named as One American Committee for which he draw full time after the failure at the 2004 vice president’s election.

John Edward Early Life

John Edward was born on 10th June 1953 in Seneca South Carolina to Wallace Reid Edwards and Catherine Juanita “Bobbie” Edward. His mother has a roadside antique business whereas his father used to work as a floor mill worker. Later on her mother started to work as a postalletter carrier when his father left the job. He was the first person in the family who joined college. He was a good footballer in his high school. He married to Elizabeth Anania who was his four year senior they both married in the year 1977 and had four kids however one son named Wade was killed in a car accident.

John Edward Achievements As A Lawyer

After completing John Edward law school Edward clerked for a federal judge and after sometime in the year he became associate at Nashville in the year 1978. In the later year of his life John Edward faced a lawsuit which made him distinguished from his fellows. In the case Edward sued the American Red Cross three times and alleging transmission of AIDS through unsafe blood products.
He also recorded his first pod cast in the year 2005 with his wife. However on December 28, 2008 john officially made Edward candidacy for the president public. However while making this public Edward also made he plans go public as well in which John told that his main concern will be on poverty, global warming and withdrawing troops from Iraq. The time period as a senator was regarded as the time in which he did most for the people of the North Carolina. While he proclamation for his candidacy he showed that he thinks for the country sincerely.