International Sun Day

What is International Sun Day?

International Sun day has been celebrated over the past seven years on May 3, 2008. The day is sponsored and celebrated by NASA.

International Sun Day Significance

Its Sun-Earth connection education forum organizes and coordinates events to highlight NASA Sun-Earth Connection research and discoveries. Sun-Earth Day is during the March equinox.

International Sun Day Celebration Strategy

The celebration strategy is to involve schools students of senior secondary section like IX, XII and the general public also. Many junior sections of the schools are also invited to participate in Solar Week in spring 2008 to learn about solar science, solar energy and to choose the career option. The celebration on the day is marked by the celestial events, such as total solar eclipses and the Transit of Venus, and Sun-Earth Day during the March Equinox. They participate in space science activities, demonstrations, and various interactive sessions and quiz with space scientists.

You can also register yourself to receive a monthly update from NASA about Sun-Earth Day events. Science centers, museums, Sun-Earth Connection missions, the Exploratorium, NASA Connect, and others in association with each other, produce webcasts, multi-media, and print resources that can be used by the students, professors, other educational institute all over the world. They also impart training for professional development of students who opt for professional courses and their educators, museum personnel, amateur astronomers, etc., so they can take advantage of resources of NASA. A collaborated approach organizes multiple programs every year following a common theme.

Case Study

During the solar week, in the schools there’s a message board where students as well as whole class can submit questions to solar scientists. In the year 2006, on the world international day there was a NASA led expedition to study the total solar eclipse in collaboration with the scientists and researchers across the globe. On the day, during the event stunning images of sun and earth and the latest observations from satellites, are used to give a virtual trip of the Sun. There are discussions on its various types of activity and its impact and influence on the Earth.

The day is a wonderful opportunity to take part in an interactive, internet session to on various inquisitive interesting topics to know out how one can view close-up, real-time, images of the Sun from home. You can also discover more about the Sun and its upcoming effects on our lives. One of main goals of the day is to help scientists understand the interactions between the Sun and the Earth's environment, which will definitely facilitate them to predict the Sun's activity and motion, and thus, space weather conditions.

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