Henry Kissinger Birthday (May 27th)

Henry Kissinger Birthday (May 27th)

Henry Kissinger Biography


  • Henry Kissinger is an American bureaucrat and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
  • Henry was the 56th Secretary of State (1973-1977)
  • Henry Kissinger was also Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (1969- 1975).

Background Information of Henry Kissinger:

  • Kissinger was born on May 27, 1923 in Fuerth, Germany.
  • Henry Kissinger birth name is Henry Alfred Kissinger.
  • His family moved to New York, United States in 1938 following political disturbances in Germany.
  • Henry Kissinger was naturalized a citizen in 1943. Henry Kissinger had a failed marriage with Ann Fleischer with whom he has two children.
  • Henry married Nancy Maginnes with whom he currently lives.

Education of Henry Kissinger:

  • Henry Kissinger attended Washington Heights and George Washington High School in his early years.
  • Henry attended night school and worked during the day.
  • Henry Kissinger was drafted into the U.S Army while he was studying at the City College of New York.
  • In the late 1940’s, he went to Harvard College where he earned his B.A. degree summa cum laude.
  • Henry Kissinger also got his M.A and PhD degrees form Harvard University.

Career Info of Henry Kissinger:

  • Kissinger stayed on at Harvard as a faculty member from 1954 until 1971.
  • Henry Kissinger held important positions at the Department of Government and the Center for International Affairs.

Here is a list of Kissinger’s designations at Harvard:

  • Associate Director of the Center of International Affairs (1957- 1960).
  • Study Director of Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy (1955 - 1956)
  • Director of the Special Studies Project for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (1956 - 1958)
  • Director of the Harvard International Seminar from (1951 - 1971)
  • Director of the Harvard Defense Studies Program (1958 - 1971).

Political Career of Henry Kissinger:

  • Kissinger has served as Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.
  • Henry Kissinger was National Security Advisor for President Nixon. Henry Kissinger has an eminent role in the U.S foreign policy from 1969 to 1977.
  • The policy of détente that improved relations between U.S and the Soviet Union was his initiation.
  • Kissinger had a role to play in the temporary ceasefire between U.S and Vietnam.
  • During 1967, he was consultant on foreign policy to the White House as well as the State Department.
  • Henry Kissinger utilized this position in initiating and mediating peace talks between Washington and Hanoi.
  • He also had a hand in the bombings in Cambodia to target Vietnam People's Army.
  • Henry Kissinger received a lot of negative criticism for his indifference during the 1971 Indo-Pak War.
  • Kissinger had a significant role to play in restoring peace between Israel, Egypt and Syria during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.
  • Henry Kissinger supported John F. Kennedy’s policies regarding the U.S-Cuban relationship.
  • After an active, successful and somewhat controversial political career; Kissinger founded his own consulting firm called “Kissinger Associates”

Amongst his most noted profiles as a consultant are:

  • Department of State (1965-68)
  • United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (1961-68)
  • Rand Corporation (1961-68)
  • National Security Council (1961-62)
  • Weapons Systems Evaluation Group of the joint Chiefs of Staff (1959-60)
  • Operations Coordinating Board (1955)
  • Director of the Psychological Strategy Board (1952)
  • Operations Research Office (1951)
  • Chairman of the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America (1983-84).

Awards and Honors to Henry Kissinger:

Owing to his outstanding contribution in the field of academics, politics and World Peace, Kissinger has received the following awards:
  • Guggenheim Fellowship (1965-66)
  • The Woodrow Wilson Prize for the best book in the fields of government, politics and international affairs (1958)
  • Nobel Peace Prize (1973)
  • The American Institute for Public Service Award (1973)
  • The International Platform Association Theodore Roosevelt Award (1973)
  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars Dwight D. Eisenhower Distinguished Service Medal (1973)
  • The Hope Award for International Understanding (1973)
  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom (1977)
  • The Medal of Liberty (1986)