Helen Hunt Birthday (June 15th)

Helen Hunt Birthday (June 15th)

Helen Hunt was born on 15th June 1963 in the Culver City, California. Helen Hunt was the daughter of Jane Elizabeth and Gordon Hunt. She spent some part of her childhood in the New York City and in the later years of life Helen Hunt joined the University of California at Los Angeles. She got the acting talent which she showed in many movies and sitcoms that she did during her career span.

Helen Hunt Career & Achievements

Helen Hunt started to work in child actress role by many appearances in the series Mary Taylor Moore Show. However along with the appearance role in many series she also did usual character in the succession The Swiss Family Robinson. Helen hunt also did the appearance in the series The Fact of Life in which she played the role of the marijuana smoking classmate. She also acted in the St. Elsewhere. Along with these spectacular roles in the various series she did Bill: on his own this was the show which gave Helen Hunt the fame and recognition that is needed by an aspiring actor. However after this show Helen Hunt also got another show which made her known among all the people throughout America and gave her huge fan following the name of that series was “Mad About You”. This series took Helen to the apex of her popularity. Later on in her life she did a movie among which was As Good As It Gets made this actress to won the Academy Award. After Helen Hunt won the Academy Awards she took a short break from the movies to do the role of Viola in the Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. After some time she returned with a bang in the movies she did the movie called Dr. T & the women, Pay it forward with actor Haley Joel Osment and Kevin Spacey, What woman wants with actor Mel Gibson, Cast Away with actor Tom Hanks. Among all these movies Helen showed her acting talent which made Helen Hunt distinguished among other actresses.

Helen Hunt Personal Life

As far as the personal life of Hunt is concerned Helen Hunt got married to actor Hank Azaria their married lived long till the year 1999 to 2000. After her marriage Helen Hunt got engaged in love relationship with Matthew Carnahan from the year 2001 and they had one daughter which was born in the year 2004.

Awards for Helen Hunt

Along with Academy Award Helen also bagged Golden Globe Award and the Emmy Award. However Helen is the only actress who has won four Emmy Awards in consecutive years. And along with Emmy’s Helen Hunt also won four Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.