George H.W. Bush Birthday (June 12th)

George H.W. Bush Birthday (June 12th)

George H.W. Bush was born on 12th June 1924 at the 173 Adam Street in Milton Massachusetts. After his birth his family moved to Greenwich Connecticut. He started his education at the Greenwich Country Day School later on he joined The Philip Academy where he held many important leadership posts like being the president of the student class and the secretary of the student council as well. George H.W. Bush also remained the active member of the school newspaper’s editorial board.

George H.W. Bush Inclination

The attack on the Pearl Harbor in the year 1941 shook George H W Bush and forced him to join the Navy after his graduation from the Pearl Academy. After the 10 months training he was commissioned and he became the youngest naval aviator of his time.

George H.W. Bush Personal Life

George got married to Barbara Pierce on Jan 6th 1945 after his return from the world war that was he into. By the marriage he had six kids among which the elder son was name George Walker Bush.

George H.W. Bush Political Presence

Bush always wanted to something great for the country and he had great interest in policy making so he approached for the Senate seat from Texas but he faced failure in this election because of the strategic approach of his opposition member Ralph Yarborough. The single failure could not stop Bush from aiming high however George H.W. Bush was appointed for the house of representative seat in the year 1966. This win made him the first republican who represented Houston.

George H.W Bush also served as the Vice president under the presidency of Ronald Regan. After the assassination of Ronald Regan bush won the presidential election and took the initiative of the welfare of the country. George H W Bush became the 41st president of the United States of America. During his government he did many great jobs which were totally in the favor of the country. Among such great tasks one was the American with disabilities act of 1990. After some time bush also reauthorized the Clean Air Act which was also considered as one of the noble task of his reign.

The major incidents that took place under his reign were the USA’s invasion in Panama and the Persian Gulf War. However NAFTA was another great incident that took place under his reign.