Frank Lloyd Wright Birthday (June 8th)

Frank Lloyd Wright Birthday (June 8th)

Frank Floyd Wright was one of the famous architects that America has ever known. Frank Lloyd Wright was born on the 8th June 1867 at Richland center, Wisconsin of United States of America. Being born at the family of the strongly willed parents Frank was also like her mother of strong will and determination. The graduation of this great architect was under shadow because there is not any evidence ofFrank Lloyd Wright graduation at Madison High School. In the year 1886 Frank Lloyd Wright got admitted to the Wisconsin University as a special student during Frank Lloyd studies he also worked with a college professor of civil engineering. However in the later year of 1890 Frank Lloyd Wright was given responsibility of all the residential design work of the firm of Adler& Sullivan in which Frank used to work. By the year 1901 Wright completed almost 50 among which most of the houses were of Oak Park.


Frank Lloyd Wright was remembered for the innovation that he used to put in his projects. Frank Lloyd Wright designed many spectacular designs for the residential houses which made him famous as a notable architect. The many famous projects that he worked upon are as:


It was the time of between 1900 and 1917 that his design known as to be Prairie house which gain acceptance and popularity among the people of Chicago because the design was made by considering the land of Chicago and which really compliments the land of that place. Unity Temple is one of the trademarks ofFrank Lloyd Wright flawless work that he designed. The Westcott House was another example of Frank Lloyd Wright excellence in designing however this was the only Prairie design house that was built in Ohio.


The period from 1926 to 1929 was marked by the Gray cliff design that was designed by this genius architect. The design of Gray cliff showed his innovation and his preciseness inFrank Lloyd Wright work. The Gray cliff’s largest building that was designed by the Wright was the house of the Isabelle R. Martin.


Among another master piece of Wright includes Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in the New York City, The Price tower of the Oklahoma City and the famous Child of the Sun project is among some ofFrank Lloyd Wright good projects that Wright worked out.

On 9th April the master architect died in Phoenix a place in Arizona. In his lifetime he received the golden award by the Royal institute of British Architects. A postage stamp was also started of by his name in the year 1966 considering his contribution in the field of the architecture.