Donald Trump Birthday (June 14th)

Donald Trump Birthday (June 14th)

Donald Trump was born on the 14th June 1946 in the city of New York. His father Fredrick C. Trump was a self made millionaire who by business was a real estate builder and developer whereas her mother Mary was a homemaker who raised five kids including Donald as well. Donald passed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in the year 1968. In his personal life Donald married to a New York fashion model named Winkimayr in the year 1977 by the marriage they had three kids however they divorced in 1991. After his divorce Donald Trump married to Marla Maples in the year 1993 however Donald Trump divorced to her too in the year 1999 from this marriage Donald had one kid.

Donald Trump Works

The entrepreneurial skills of Donald are assumed to be learned from his father. Donald Trump father who was forced to run his family business at the age of 11 learned many things by himself which further got inherited in Donald. In the earlier 2000s Donald made the most luxurious building of all time by his name which was made with the motive to identify them as the only international symbol for wealth and privileges. Being deeply master in Donald Trump work Donald also summoned the court to look after that no one else use his name in the business of real estate this action of him shows that how seriously he take his work.

Donald Trump Strength & Abilities

The strength of Donald that made him so successful as businessman was his ability to get something from nothing the example of the Commodore make this clear where he showed his business skills and made profit where other seemed impossibility. There are many philosophy of business that Donald moulds according to the circumstances. One of such thing was that in time of competitions when other competitors lowered the prices he knew the psychology of his clients and instead of dropping the price he raised and instead of facing failure he faced success this is his quality which keep him distinguished from other businessman of his time.

Donald Trump on Television

Donald trump also associated with the great show named The Apprentice. In which Donald Trump used to give chance to the people who want to make their bones in the business field like his business in television Donald Trump also got success through this show as well.