World No Tobacco Day 2017

World no tobacco day 2017 theme is "Tobacco – a threat to development"2016 theme is "was Get Ready for Plain Packaging", 2015 theme is "Stop illicit trade of tobacco products " and 2014 theme is "Raise taxes on tobaccoquot"


The concept of World No-Tobacco Day was initiated because millions of people die each year around the world owing to tobacco consumption and abuse. Initially, April 7 was chosen as the “world no-smoking day” when the World Health Assembly passed a resolution regarding the same in 1987. In 1988, the World Health Assembly passed another resolution calling for May 31 to be celebrated as “World No- Tobacco Day” every year. Purpose of World No Tobacco Day:


Increase public awareness regarding hazards of tobacco use and abuse. Inform consumers about the business strategies of tobacco industry and trade. Spread the message about WHO initiatives for anti-tobacco campaigns. Promote healthy lifestyle and habits among people. Device ways to protect the future generations from tobacco abuse. Events and Themes of World No Tobacco Day:

Here is a table citing the yearly themes for the Day since 1990:

1990 - Childhood and youth without tobacco: growing up without tobacco
1991 - Public places and transport: better be tobacco free
1992 - Tobacco free workplaces: safer and healthier
1993 - Health services: our windows to a tobacco free world
1994 - Media and tobacco: get the message across
1995 - Tobacco costs more than you think
1996 - Sport and art without tobacco: play it tobacco free
1997 - United for a tobacco free world
1998 - Growing up without tobacco
1999 - Leave the pack behind
2000 - Tobacco kills, don't be duped
2001 - Second-hand smoke kills
2002 - Tobacco free sports
2003 - Tobacco free film, tobacco free fashion
2004 - Tobacco and poverty, a vicious circle
2005 - Health professionals against tobacco
2006 - Tobacco: deadly in any form or disguise
2007 - Smoke free inside
2008 - Tobacco-free youth
2009 - Tobacco health warnings
2010 - Gender and tobacco with an emphasis on marketing to women
2011 - The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
2012 - tobacco industry interference
2013 - "ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship"

One can do the following things in order to contribute to the cause:

Spread a message that is relevant to the year’s WHO theme. Many anti-tobacco organizations give out free posters, cards and information brochures. Make use of these resources. Put up a World Tobacco Day message at you workstation or office so that it is visible to many people. Publish newsletters giving information about events and opinions. If you are organizing an event, publicize it through public and community areas like schools, malls, colleges, shops etc. Rope in local well-known personalities like politicians and other public figures to popularize the event. Send mailers, flyers and letters to as many people as possible. Display event related information on your own or local community website. Write to your local newspaper or submit articles dealing with tobacco and related health concerns. Interview local medical practitioners or social workers and ask them to talk about smoking and its ill effects.

World No Tobacco Day 2005

Focused on the role and scope of health professionals in curbing the tobacco epidemic. Stressed upon the importance of pro-active measures on behalf of health care professionals. Medical personnel have a wide public reach and their advice is taken seriously by patients. They can help spread awareness and help in rehabilitation of addicts.

World No Tobacco Day 2006

The developing countries are worst hit by the tobacco epidemic. The morbidity and mortality caused by tobacco consumption affects productivity and development of these countries. Tobacco industries continue to market their products aggressively irrespective of the wide-spread damage being caused. Many new brands of cigarettes have emerged that claim to be “light”, “mild”, “low tar” and “fruit flavored”. These new brands are just gimmicks to attract more health conscious customers and are equally damaging to health and well-being. The event encourages authorities to lay strict regulations and guidelines to increase awareness and deter deceptive packaging for commercial purposes.

World No Tobacco Day 2007

The number of deaths caused by passive smoking is equally alarming as are those caused by active smoking. Discourages smoking at public places. Campaigns for strict laws and regulations to be enforced regarding offenders. Aims at discouraging smokers from polluting the environment.

World No Tobacco Day 2008

Focuses on the youth’s exposure to tobacco and increasing nicotine dependence amount adolescents and young adults. Draws attention to the tobacco industry’s marketing strategies that target youth.
Escalating levels of tobacco abuse among young people has a direct effect on the nation’s economy and social conditions. This year attempts are being made to enforce strict regulations regarding information, sale and consumption
Tips and ideas for celebrating World No Tobacco Day:

Celebrate World Tobacco Day this year in your own way.

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