World Anti Terrorism Day 2017

Terrorist activities have increased multi-fold over the last decade. A global initiative uniting all nations is required to combat terrorism. After the 9/11 terrorist attack on the U.S, terrorism has become the primary cause of concern for nations.


The concept of World Anti-Terrorism Day was initiated because thousands of youth are lured into the folds of terrorist camps and organizations each year. May 21 is observed as Anti-terrorism day every year.


The Purpose of observing World Anti-Terrorism Day is to:

Spread the message of global peace and non-violence. Deter vulnerable youth from following cult practices and being misguided. Commemorate and honor the sacrifices made by thousands of soldiers who battled against terrorism. Pay homage to the victims who lost their lives in terrorist attacks. Device ways and hold awareness programs to protect the future generations from radical influence.

Important Features:

Features on World Anti-Terrorism Day are as follows:

Observing a few minutes of silence to express grief over the damage caused by terrorism world-wide.
Pledging to oppose violence and promote peace. Organizing programs and campaigns to further the cause of combating terrorism.

The events and programs conducted on World Anti-Terrorism Day are initiated by:

  • The Union Home Ministry
  • State Governments
  • Union Territory Administrations.

The Pledge taken:

"We, the people of India, having abiding faith in our country’s tradition of non-violence and tolerance, hereby solemnly affirm to oppose with our strength, all forms of terrorism and violence. We pledge to uphold and promote peace, social harmony, and understand among all fellow human beings and fight the forces of disruption threatening human lives and values."

Important Events of World Anti-Terrorism Day:

World Anti-Terrorism Day, 1997:

Congress raised protests against terrorism on the sixth death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi. Congressmen marched to the Hutatma Chowk in Mumbai for the campaign. A national integrity oath was taken at Tilak Bhawan and Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) headquarters at Dadar. MPCC. Protesters wore black bands as a symbol of protest against terrorism.

World Anti-Terrorism Day, 2006:

Collector V. Chandrasekaran and officials took Anti-Terrorism Day pledge in Tuticorin. In Tirunelveli, Collector Atul Anand administered Anti-Terrorism Day pledge to the collector ate staff. The simple event was attended by all prominent political personalities.

World Anti-Terrorism Day, 2007:

Wreath laying event was organized at Rajiv Gandhi’s statue all over India. Eminent political and local personalities attended the event. State Chief Minister administered pledge of Anti-Terrorism and Nonviolence to work for the communal and social harmony collectively. Devotional and patriotic songs were sung and pious rituals were conducted to honor the martyrs

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