International Labor Day 2017

International Labor Day 2017

What is International Labor Day?

International Labor Day is a day observed all over the world on May 1 to celebrate the social and economic achievements of workers.

International Labor Day in Different Country

In India and other countries like England, the day also has the significance as the spring fertility festival, so people celebrate it to honor goddess of spring. International Labor Day is celebrated with lots of joy and fervor in towns and villages. They celebrate fertility in the month of, May (spring) with village fetes and community gatherings. The most significant of the traditions is the traditional dances by men and women. Towns and villages in England plan huge celebration on the day.

How is International Labor Day Celebrated?

In most of the countries like US and UK, it is a national holiday. In India, May 1, has also been declared a public holiday.

Historical Significance of International Labor Day

The day has a historic significance which dates back to May 1 1886. On this International Labor Day several Labor unions all over the US decided to go on strike. They demanded a workday of eight hours to be accepted as a standard all over the US. In Chicago a bomb explosion planned by revolutionist led to the deaths and injury of over 100 people. Ultimately the protests proved fruitful and effective thus standardizing eight-hour work days as the new norm in many countries across the globe.

Different arrangements on International Labor Day

International Labor Day is celebrated as a day for demonstrations, parades, and speeches. The International Labor Day is still often chosen as a day for protests and rallies. While the rallies are tried to be peaceful with all kinds of security arrangements, sometimes violence is erupted due to clash between militant groups and riot police. Sometimes there are marches for rights of thousands of workers on to the streets to mark May Day with demands for better Labor conditions.

Many Labor organizations across the country carry out processions and speeches are organized by various political parties. International Labor Day is one of the major holidays in US. The International Labor Day is also very significant in Russia and other communist countries. Now a day the celebration of this day is sometimes marked by the demand of economic and social reforms by the workers and trade unions to preserve their interests.

Difference in celebration across the World

But there is some difference in the celebration dates of the International Labor Day in different countries. In Germany, International Labor Day is celebrated on May 2. Violence has become a game of International Labor Day celebrations in Germany since the late 1980s.There is always brawl between far-Left youths and authorities.

In India, International Labor Day is observed as a national holiday. InMaharashtra, Labor Day is known as Maharashtra Diwas. In Poland, International Labor Day is celebrated on May 1 and termed as State Holiday. International Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in October in the New South Wales and South Australia. It is a public holiday on this day in Australia. International Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of the month, September in Canada.

The International Labor Day history in Canada can be dated back to a revolt in 1872 in Toronto. Since that day International Labor Day parades, picnics, fireworks displays, water activities, and public art events and picnics are organized by many unions in Canada. International Labor Day is a public holiday observed on the fourth Monday of October, in New Zealand. Its origin dates back to the movement that was started in Wellington colony in 1840. The demand was the eight hour working day.

The International Labor Day is also known as Eight-Hour Demonstration Day in New Zealand. International Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of September. It is a federal holiday in United States. International Labor Day is celebrated on May 1, in China, and is a public holiday. Previously, there used to be a full week holiday on account of International Labor Day. They use to combine weekends with three day holiday of International Labor Day. This week long holiday was marked by the striking consumption of shopping extravaganza. But now there is a single holiday observed International Labor Day.

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