Jonathan Brandis Birthday (April 13th)

Jonathan Brandis Birthday (April 13th)


Jonathan Gregory Brandis is a fine American television and film actor who acted in a notable number of films and TV shows. This eventful actor died too young.

Jonathan Brandis Birth details

Jonathan Brandis was born in 13th April, 1976 in Danbury, Connecticut.Jonathan Brandis was lucky enough to get his first break with show biz at the age of six for a show called 'One Life to Live' and then appeared in numerous commercials.

Jonathan Brandis Career

Jonathan Brandis moved from Danbury to Los Angeles at the age of nine with his family and made guest appearances in some popular shows like Murder, She Wrote, L.A. Law, Full House, Who's the Boss and others. The first starring role came in 'The Never-ending Story II' and after that Jonathan Gregory did a number of primary roles in television.He is famous for his role in Steven Spielberg's science fiction series called sea Quest DVS as prodigy scientist called Lucas Wolenczak.

Jonathan Brandis Accomplishment

Jonathan Brandis is also known for his voicing for Mozenrath for the TV show of Aladdin. He also acted in some movies as leading actor, supporting actor, comedian and other roles. In 1990 he played the lead character as 'Stuttering Bill' Den rough in the movie called 'It'.He also auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker in George Lucas' Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.He was romantically linked to a number of personas like Heather Macomb, Tantaya Ali, Vanessa Shaw and even Monica Keena.He is famous for accompanying Britney Murphy to her high school prom.

Jonathan Brandis Personal Details

But this young man died in 12th November, 2003 before he could make more mark among the minds of people.He was found hanging in his 650 South Detroit Street home. Though he didn't die immediately due to hanging but the injuries later on that day took his life.His friends whom he accompanied the previous night reported that he seemed agitated a little bit.

No suicide note was found besides the body and still people doubt the cause of his death. His mother said that her son drank mildly and quit smoking two years before his death.She believes that the cause of her son's death is Accutane the medication Jonathan Brandis used to take for acne problems.As Accutane was reported to cause suicide or psychosis among people as side effects.TV lovers still miss this charming person and his programs. A number of projects had to shut because of his death or was completed with other actors.