John Cena Birthday (April 23rd)

John Cena Birthday (April 23rd)

John Cena Importance 

John Cena is an American actor, musician as well as a wrestler.

John Cena Birth Details

John Cena was born on 23, April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

John Cena Personal Details

John Cena full name is John Felix Anthony Cena. John Cena is 6”1 ft.tall. John Cena is having weight of 248 kg. John Cena has five brothers. John Cena did his college from Cushing Academy. In 1998, John Cena graduated from Springfield with a degree in exercise physiology; thereafter he pursued a career in bodybuilding. John Cena is a left-handed while writing but prefers right hand in wrestling. John Cena is a man of multiple talents.

John Cena Career

John Cena started getting trained to become a wrestler in 2000 at the "Ultimate University” in California governed by Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW).John Cena started his real WWE career in 2002 in June. John Cena is a wrestler and performing as a champion in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). John Cena is presently employed with (WWE) but wrestled for many other wrestling championships also.

John Cena Achievement and Awards

  • John Cena has been a three time WWE champion.
  • He has also won the united states championship for wrestlers, three times.
  • He has won the Royal Rumble professional wrestling event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), took place on January 27, 2008.
  • He has his own custom-modified spinning WWE Championship belt.

John Cena More Talent

Besides wrestling, John Cena has interest as well as talent for music and acting. He has released a rap album You Can't See Me. He has also produced an album titled 'Bad bad man'. As an actor, his debut film was The Marine. The film earned approximately $7 million at the United States box office, in the first week.He is working on his second film, 12 rounds, produced by WWE Films since February 2008. He has also made appearances on television shows including Manhunt, Deal or No Deal, MADtv, and Punk'd. Recently, He contested on Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race. He made it to the final round but placed third in the overall competition.

John Cena Fan Following

John Cena has a huge fan following, often referred as the Chain gang soldiers.He has a huge fan followings from all over the world. Italy, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, England, African continent, is a few of them