Michael Callen Birthday (April 11th)

Michael Callen Birthday (April 11th)

Michael Callen was a noted American singer, composer, song writer, AIDS activist and an author. He was among the first significant architects against the response of United States to AIDS crisis.

Birth Details

The notable personality was born on 11th April, 1955. 


  • Michael Callen is among the first people who were diagnosed with Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRDI) now popularly called AIDS in 1982.
  • To this and alien response of the US to those suffering from GRDI led him become quick one of the responsible leader in response to epidemic.
  • He was the founder member of People with AIDS Self Empowerment Movement and many other organizations.
  • He testified before the President's Commission on AIDS.
  • The test was also carried on both the houses of the United State Congress.


  • In 1983 has co authored a book on safe sex called ' How to Have Sex in an Epidemic: One Approach'.
  • This book was developed in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Sonnabend.
  • In 1990 just years before his death he wrote another famous book called 'Surviving AIDS' for which he received from American Medical Writers Association an Honorable Mention.
  • Other then book he was frequently seen in talk shows in television’s on AIDS. Some of the notable shows which had a discussion with him were Good Morning America, Nightline, and The Phil Donahue Show.
  • He contributed to a lot by writing various articles for magazines and newspapers including Village Voice, Out week, The New York Native and others.
  • His articles have been collected and published by People with AIDS Coalition in 1988 called 'Surviving and Thriving with AIDS'.
  • Callen was a band member of a Gay and Lesbian Four Piece band called ''Lowlife'' where he played piano and keyboards. He even sang, yodeled, and twirled a baton.
  • He was also a founder of gay male band called 'A Cappella.'
  • One of the significant songs which he wrote with Petter Allen and Marsha Melamet was ''Love Don't Need a Reason'' which he used to sing in events related to AIDS and Gay Pride.

Personal Details

Michael Callen died at the age of 38 due complications related to AIDS in Los Angeles, California. But he left with us many of his talent in the form of books, songs and other compositions.