Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo online is one of the most prominent online pages on the internet. It became a public corporation and provides global internet services to users and businesses. It offers an integrated one stop shop to the internet user, providing information, entertainment, and communication and shopping experiences to the customer. Yahoo is one of the most visited pages in the internet in the world.

Yahoo shopping is the page that offers commercial services to the customer. Users can log on and view, browse and purchase products and services that are offered for sale by the sellers on the portal.

Range of products : the range of products that are featured on the yahoo shopping portal is extensive. Broadly divided into many categories such as clothing, electronics, computers and home and garden, yahoo shopping has hundreds of products in each category.

Clothing: The range of products available in the clothing segment covers women's and men's clothing such as casuals, dresses, formal wear, athletic wear, sports wear etc. there is a whole range of footwear available for men, women and kids, accessories for men, women kids and products such as handbags, sunglasses, belts etc.

There are also exclusive sections showcasing clothes and accessories for teens and infants and toddlers. Customers can also browse and buy goods from yahoo shopping by brands. They sell clothing and accessories from prominent global and designer brands such as mike, adidas, Calvin Klein, Hugo boss, Ralph Lauren, dolce and gabbana etc.

Electronics: yahoo has a huge selection of products in the electronic category. Products range from digital cameras, mp3 players, ipods, home audio - video products, DVD players, car audio and video, televisions, electronic accessories, security and surveillance equipment, telephone and communication equipment etc. customers can browse and purchase through categories or brands.

Computers: customers can shop for laptops, desktops, printers, pda's, monitors and projectors, cd burners, computer storage devices, computer accessories, computer peripherals and products for home and small offices etc. they have computer products from most popular and well known brands.

Home and garden: one of the most popular sections of product ranges on yahoo shopping is the home and garden section that stocks products and services such as furniture depending on the room or the use, appliances for the kitchen and other needs of the household, glassware, cookware, linens and other items of use in the kitchen, bed and bath products such as linen, towels, bedding etc. furnishings such as art work, posters, candles and home accessories, lighting and fans, home décor etc. garden and patio products such as grills and barbeques, tools and hardware, houseware products such as vaccum cleaners, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies etc. they also house automotive and pet care supplies.

Apart from the above categories, yahoo shopping has many more categories such as jewellery, watches, music, toys and baby supplies, travel, video games, beauty and personal care products, books and magazines, tickets etc.

Yahoo shopping agent: Yahoo shopping offers the shopper the option of the yahoo shopping agent which is a great device to compare prices and find the best deal. The yahoo shopping agent allows you to list down products for comparison on features, price etc. it also calculates the prices of the products, guides the shopper through the commercial exchanges and gives the customer a full shopping experience.

Yahoo shopping is also popular because of the many bargains that customers can find. They also are popular with shopping discount coupons.