Yahoo Calendar 2016

Yahoo calendar is a type of online calendar where one can add an event including birthdays and anniversaries, edit or delete the same, set the events to repeat automatically. Even one can inform others about the event through e-mails. Also he or she can specify the time or e-mail address to which he wants the reminders to be sent.

Yahoo Calendar Reminders:

The reminders saved in the calendar can even be send to one's mobile by registering with Yahoo mobile. Daily Calendar Reminders allow one to have an e-mail sent to him summarizing the day's calendar events and items on his or her task list. One can easily delete the unwanted reminders from the calendar.

Yahoo Calendar Facilities:

The Yahoo Calendar also provides the facility of sharing it with the trusted ones. The three "Private", "Public", and "Show as busy" permissions for one's calendar events determine how the events appear to others viewing his or her shared calendar. Even one can allow special friends to make edits to his or her calendar without them the password.

The Yahoo Calendar provides the best facility for protecting one's own calendar by the system of signing in with a password which prevents others from hacking the owner's personal information's. In the calendar one can add an item to the task list, can mark his or her tasks that are already done and can even change the number of tasks displayed.

Yahoo Calendar Personalization:

One can personalize the calendar, set to view by day, week, month or more. He can get a daily summary and can synchronize his Yahoo Calendar with other calendars. He can reset his calendar also. Time Guides allow one to overlay one's favorite events or schedules on top of the Yahoo Personal Calendar. One can choose to show and hide Time Guides on his or her day, week, and month views.

The calendar with the help of the time guide keep track of earnings release dates, stock splits, and board meeting dates for companies in his or her portfolio. It tracks one's favorite sports teams, keep up to date on group events for favorite Yahoo Groups. It overlays other people's calendars on top of one's for quick reference or easy meeting scheduling.


Last but not the least the Yahoo calendar views received and sent invites, responds to invites and everything one needs to know to synchronize the calendar with Microsoft Outlook.