World Expo 2016 Travel Packages

Remarkable and exclusive . . .

This is the way Expo Milano will certainly introduce on its own from 1st May to 31st October 2016.

Also it will certainly quite possibly be a Universal Exhibition with completely innovative features. Not simply an accumulation of exhibits , but yet more a rigorous process of involvement which will positively include the fascinated parties – the organizer world, taking part nations, worldwide organizations, social society, guests, partners, medical and International financial communities – to concentrate on one central motif for the fate of people:

In this article with the travel packages information we will also going to provide different travel ideas that are going to help you in Expo 2016.

"Feeding the Earth, Energy for Life"

The venture site will likely be the very first Digital Smart City prototype of the long term, an extremely technical, eco-compatible district made to favor energy efficient, to be after that executed into everyday life.

Because of the ultimate hi-tech remedies on display, the site visitor will very easily have the ability to gain (with fun) first-hand expertise of just how the theme of nourishment is interpreted by each one country. Expo Milano is going to be a huge laboratory of advancement and investigation that should leave the globe needed guidelines to be able to ensure as much as necessary healthy & safe meals for everybody.

The Expo formulations have been in full swing and also, with a ground region spanning 1 million square meters, the website is actually the greatest work in development in Italy.

So far, 141 countries already have registered to take part in the event and also towards the end of 2013 the spaces were allocated for the creation of the numerous pavilions organized.

Gadis continues to be active in Milan as well as the Lombardy region for countless years. We are now taking the needed steps to prepare and will make sure you keep advised of the various phases of the event.

Find out the World Expo, the worldwide encounter exactly where every one of the world’s nations places on show, being best it could, its customs, creativity and also spirit for advancement! In, it would light up Milan, the European Union capital for style and design.

Keep the past in Florence as well as travel by high speed train to discover the suggestions of the future at Milan Expo. With your own carry and entry ticket looked after, all you need to do is open your head and discover the exhibits. Take full advantage of your day at the expo by journeying there on a high speed train. Check out the many pavilions for world expo tickets, each one representing numerous countries and also companies, and then each discovering the event’s theme — 'Feeding the Earth , Energy for Life' — by means of interactive , multimedia displays.


  • Independent event trip from Florence to the Milan Expo which include entry ticket and round-trip teach transfer
  • Enjoy trouble-free, time-saving travelling on a high speed train
  • Gain admission to the Milan Expo, which features a lot more than 130 individuals
  • Explore the participating exhibitions as well as interactive screens
  • See the countries in the world showcase their suggestions on food sustainability as well as innovation
  • Admire the purpose-built structure of the expo’s various pavilions

Everything You Can Expect

Head to Santa Maria Novella Station in main Florence and also satisfy a tour escort, who can give you your round-trip train ticket along with your entrance ticket for the Milan Expo.

Board the high speed train and also settle in for the 2-hour trip to Milan that should drop you beside Expo site. Hop off and utilize your entry ticket to go on in.

A fertile mating ground for revolutionary thinking and suggestions, the Universal Expo appeals to the world’s leading thinkers. The Milan Expo is exclusive 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' which is concentrated around meals sustainability, preservation, and the removal of hunger as well as other food-related problems.

Go through the various pavilions, exactly where personal nations display their ideas for innovative and environmentally friendly food options for the future. Dig into interactive displays and find out more about each nation’s agriculture along with the food procedures that reflect their tradition.

Respect the unique structure of the purpose-built pavilions, additionally inspired by the event’s design, and look in on other debates as well as shows happening around the expo. Be aware of firework displays, backyard concerts and also official ceremonies happening during your own visit. With the website of the Milan Expo  overlaying a location of 10, 763, 910 square feet (1 million square meters), there is certainly a whole lot to see and do.

After per day spent discovering the Milan Expo, go back to Florence by high speed train.


The Expo, which usually be situated in a northeastern section of Milan (attached with the City of Rho), will certainly occupy a surface texture of 1 .5 million sq. m. Presented its proper position, it is really accessible from almost all the region’s airports: Linate, Malpensa as well as Orio al Serio.

The Theme

The concentrate is broad so long as it relates to anything in relation to nutrition: e.g. the insufficient food in a few places, nutritional training, and discussions on GMOs.

At the debate’s core is the appropriate to healthy and also adequate nourishment for everybody; the removal of hunger, thirst, baby mortality, malnutrition – that impacts 850 million individuals in the world – and the reduction of famine and pandemics.

Along these types of lines almost all the participating States at Expò could have the occasion to signify their very own nutritional as well as production accomplishments, and to provide tastings of their very own culinary specialties. Just like all the Expo’s encounters, it is usually a standard but fruitful procedure for exchange for a globalized globe.

World Expo 2011 Shanghai Travel Packages

Packages during May 1- Oct 30, 2011


5 nights

6 nights

7 nights

8 nights

9 nights

10 nights


Per person







Per couple








Per person







Per couple







Top End

Per person







Per couple







* If you choose to expand your stay in Shanghai, extra accommodation may be available according to the following nightly fee formation:

    * Budget $50 per person
    * Standard: $70 per person $105 per couple
    * Top End: $100 per person, $150 per couple

Price Includes:

* Homestay (Budget, Standard or Top End) as chosen
* Breakfast and dinner
* Free Internet DSL service
* Airport pick-up and transfer to the host family
* Welcome dinner and other stuff prepared by the host family
* Two-day guided tours in Shanghai with English-speaking guide, lunch integrated. Touring sights: Huangpu River Cruise, Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Garden and Nanjing Street
* Two Shanghai World Expo single-day admission tickets
* Shanghai World Expo commemorative gift package: Shanghai map, calling card of 100 RMB and mobile phone SIM card
* 24-hour phone assistance by local Lotus staff

Does Not Include:

International Airfare, China Visa, Travel Insurance


* The package is valid from May 1 to Oct 31, 2011, but the start-finish dates are flexible. Please choose your start-finish dates in the on-line booking form.
* Children under 7 sharing a room with parent(s) will be charged 30% of the normal rate.
* If your family requires two bedrooms, we will try to arrange one host family for you; however as the space of some host families is limited, we may arrange for two host families in the same housing complex