World Expo Milan Italy

World Expo will be held in Milan and a large number of events are organized with the collaboration of Trienni di Milano which is aimed to valorization of city’s cultural heritage along with artistic. All of the events are divided into six categories which include the arts & sports, fashion, design, cinema theatre etc. Here are the lists of the significant events in Expo :

2nd may :

There will be an exhibition of the Leonardo Da Vinchi that includes his spending 25 years in Milan. There will be many other events like Caravaggio, Babel etc. Caravaggio is the exhibition of Michelangelo works and was planned for 2010. Expo 2015 will be conducted again in the year 2015. The main perspective is to provide evidence to city’s devotion to this great personality. On the other hand Babel is the language festival and there will be exhibitions, seminars as well as meetings  in order to show variety of languages which art, fashion, design as well as industry produced in past.

Exhibition on the Milanese Futurism:

 Milan city is celebrated as main center for the Futurism of Italia. There is also exhibition at Trienniale as well as Pinacoteca di Brerera regarding the expo theme.

7th June : There will be an arrangement of World Expo super cup and it is the return match from world cup final of 2014.

Other events: Nice pre Olympic functions dedicated to significant sport manifestation and it will take place in the year of 2016.

 Final four 2015: It is the sport manifestation attended by champions those who belong to many spot disciplines.

The landscape of Expo Milano

Produced by internationally-renowned architects, the website comprises a location of 1.1 million square meters, simply reachable from Milan as well as the surrounding places. Expo Milano 2015 contains an exposition backyard with more than 12, 000 trees, fluid features along with a canal. Reflecting the personal urban-planning style of the early Romans, the site is founded on two wide ways, the Cardo along with the Decumano, which intersect at Piazza Italia. On all avenues place yourself in the pavilions of the participant countries, the community squares and the spots committed to events and catering. Designed to be energy-efficient as well as sustainable, the structures are made to be taken away and reused after the occasion concludes.

5 variations on the motif

The website will host 4 thematic areas. These types vary from Pavilion Zero, which signs the history of the human race via its relationship with meals, to the Future Food District, which causes how technological innovation will change meals storage, distribution, buy, and intake. There are also the areas of the Children’s Park, exactly where the young folk can certainly find out about the themes of Expo Milano 2015 and have fun, along with the Biodiversity Park, a big garden where planet’s ecosystems are modeled. In Milan by itself, at the Triennale museum will likely be Arts & Foods, and venture exploring just how the relationship between foods and art has totally changed over the hundreds of years.

The power of conjunction

For the nations that choose to not have their own pavilions, Expo Milan 2015 has created a revolutionary mode of involvement: the Cluster. These types of exhibition areas include countries that most produce, or even have a relationship with certain food. The nine Clusters are stretch over a total of 36,650 square meters.

Half a year of events

Expo Milano 2015 makes a new model for all Universal Exhibition. With this not just a showcase of the most effective technologies for a lasting future, however a global, engaging event with a large number of cultural offerings each within and outside the venture site. Shows, concerts, gatherings, cooking demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions are going to transform Expo Milano 2015 into an event for reflection in addition to enjoyment.

The theme selected for the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition is eating the Planet, Energy for a lifetime. This embraces technological innovation, advancement, culture, traditions and also creativity as well as how they connect with food and also diet. Expo 2015 will almost enhance designs launch in previous Expos in the lighting of new worldwide situation and rising issue, with a crucial spotlight on healthy training, obtain the adequate food for any the world’s population.

The issues of many futurologists regarding the quality of meals in the years into the future are compounded by predictions of improving uncertainties concerning the amounts of food which will be available globally. These types of worries, expressed in early stages in studies by MIT for the Club of Rome, were mostly ignored at any given time when it shows that increases availability will an outstrip increases in intake.

Theme Expo

11th July 2015: Many events organized with the perspectives of bringing to the Milan, greatest artistic productions around the world.

Music Expo:

15th August 2015: There will be an arrangement of Musical concert in order to mark end of the UNMC.

Expo 2015 logo:

3 primary colors – blue, magenta as well as yellow are merged in intuitional logo in order to make the blend of the colorful sheds.  Expo 2015 logo was chosen according to the competition which may saw a large number of students from the art, graphic design as well as advertising design schools.

Expo Participants:

Expo is the global events and characterized by the nature of creasing different voices based on the success of Expo Milan 2015 on involvement of various players. According to the BIE that stands for Bureau International des Expo , all the participants  in Expo 2015 are marked as the official as well as non official. Official participants encompass experts from more than 145 countries as well as international organizations. On the other hand, non official participants encompass a large number of groups of institutions as well as representatives.

History : 

The World Expo or the World fair is the largest and oldest international exhibition held in different parts of the world. The participating countries promote their culture, technology and exhibits through the nation's pavilion. These Expos are aimed at the exchange of ideas between different parts of the world and the development of science and technology. They create global interest and attract people from all over the world to visit this multi cultural environment and exhibition.

Shanghai World Expo 2010

Shanghai is the major city expected to host the Expos for a while. Lots of scholars have written about this and made suggestions in their books. Unsanctioned participation in exhibitions outside China has happened since 1851. In 1910, the Qing dynasty was determined to host China's primary fair with the 1910 Nanyang industrialized exposition although it was on an extremely smaller scale compared to the modern Shanghai 2010 Expo.

The Shanghai World Expo will be held from May 1 to October 31, a six month period, on the 1300 acres of land near the Huangpu River in China. The major building planned for the mission is the Expo Axis which is the world’s largest membrane structure built towards the end of 2009. This exposition is going to be the first registered exposition in a developing country and is believed to become one of the world’s biggest exhibitions. The countries which are participating in the Shanghai World Expo will be around 200 and the visitors, according to the estimates of the organizers in the pavilion, almost 70 to 90 million strong. This will certainly be a great event.

Theme of the Shanghai World Expo 2010:

The theme for this year’s Shanghai World Expo 2010 is ' A Better City, A Better Life" and it stands for the central concern of the international community: improved conditions of livelihood in urban surroundings in the coming years. It is expected that the total world population will eventually live in cities and the Expo, all the way through its theme, is scheduling to present a blue print for upcoming cities and an improved and peaceful city life. For the period of six months, the exposition, participants and volunteers will showcase an educational and amusing platform that will exhibit urban civilization, new approach to the life style and running atmosphere to the millions of guests at the Expo.

Sponsors of the Shanghai World Expo 2010:

The World Shanghai Expo is divided into two levels: the sponsorship plan which is the partner level sponsorship and the senior sponsor level. The 2010 Expo has around 12 global partners and 15 senior sponsors.

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Global Partners Include:

  • Coca Cola
  • Boasteel Group Corporation
  • Siemens China Eastern Airline
  • China Mobile

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Senior Sponsors Include:

  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • Yili group

Products Featured in the Shanghai World Expo 2010:

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo will feature innovative scientific and technological products that cater to human centered development and the betterment of lives. The 2010 Expo is scheduled to include around 20 categories of products such as:

  • household necessities
  • sports articles
  • stationary
  • toys
  • gold and
  • silver coins
  • stamps
  • ornaments
  • stationeries
  • many others

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Theme Pavilions

The five central Theme Pavilion of World Expo Shanghai 2010 are:

  • Urban Footprints
  • Urban Planet
  • Urban Dwellers
  • Urban Beings
  • Urban Dreams