World Expo 2012

A world expo is a global exhibition held on a universal platform to promote international relationships and exchange ideas in every field- science, arts or economics. The first World Fair is said to have been hosted by London in the year 1851. It was to display inventions from around the world and was more of an industrial fair.  Ever since, world expos have become the podium for International branding and entertainment people from around the world.

2012 International Exposition Yeosu, Korea – A curtain raiser

World Expo 2012 is being held in Yeosu, Korea. The exhibition site is on the ocean front, adjacent to the Odong Island and overlooking the Marine national park.

World Expo 2012 Participants and displays

About 106 countries from all the continents are expected to take part in this world fair. This grand event is estimated to attract at least 8 million visitors during this time. At least 9 international organizations are taking part in this fair; United Nations, FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) and convention on biodiversity to name a few. 

Expected Outcomes of the expo

World Expo 2012 has a unique theme this time – ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’; it means to safe guard our marine ecosystems, a link to the well-being of mankind. It includes three sub-themes: Coastal development and preservation, New resources technology and Creative Maritime activities. These themes will be represented in separate thematic zones created exclusively at this gigantic expo.

The outcomes or the impact of World expo 2012 are expected to be manifold :

  • The expo is expected to impact the way people perceive our marine environment and change the way we deal with problems related to marine ecosystems.
  • It will bring to the fore, case studies and methodologies for new technological interventions to safeguard our eroding coastlines and ports.
  • It is expected to see major international collaborations for joint efforts to the common cause – protection and repair of our oceans.
  • It will be a platform for technologically backward nations to understand the latest developments and forge deals to acquire cost-effective innovations in the field of marine technology.
  • It will be a futuristic exposition for the visitors who wish to explore all aspects of marine science and cultures along coastlines.
  • This mega event will be a fabulous cultural extravaganza of the decade witnessing a milieu of cultural activities and entertainment from all over the world. 

The government of Korea has developed an exclusive township along the coast for the expo and after the expo, will be retained as an eco-friendly marine village dedicated solely for research on marine environment.