Women Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair, which is different from curly hair, appear more casual and are easy to maintain when compared with curly hair. Wavy hair, especially if they are short, makes the wearer look younger and showcases your fun-loving personality.

Wavy Hair can be short and long, depending on the length of the hair.

Some of the Women Wavy Hairstyles:

Women Wavy Short Hairstyles:

Wavy short hairstyles are casual, very feminine and cute and give you a friendlier and younger look. If your hair is naturally wavy, you don’t need to spend some time everyday on its maintenance. You only need to go to your hair stylist for a trim after every month or two.

You can also sport Wavy Short hairstyle for any formal occasion as it will perfectly suit your evening gown for a formal night out or any other outfit for a business conference. You can pair your wavy short hairstyle with any outfit in your wardrobe.

In corporate world, where women with curly hair are considered to be wild and lack control, women with wavy hair do not have to face such


Women Wavy Long Hairstyles:

Womens Wavy Hairstyles

Long Wavy hair not only looks attractive but there are many hairstyles which can be made with long wavy hair. Even if you have straight hair and not the natural wavy hair, you can still get the long wavy hairstyles right at your home.

When your hair is damp, divide your hair into small sections. Make braids from each section. Keep the braids overnight and when you will open the braids in the morning, you will have long wavy hair.

Another way of getting long wavy hair is by twisting your hair to make a bun. After washing your hair, remove tangles from your hair and apply gel or mousse so that the hairstyle stays for longer periods. Twist your hair till a point when you can make a bun out of it. Secure the bun with hair pins. After your hair is dry, remove the pins and you will get long wavy hair.

You can also do crimping at home with the help of crimping machine that is available in the market these days. Divide your hair into small sections and spray a little water on your hair. Take each section at a time. Press one section of your hair between the two sides of the crimping machine. Keep it for 30 seconds and do it throughout the section. Repeat the procedure on all the hair.

Waves add volume and give a full look to the hair. You can enhance waves and add volume to your hair by fluffing your hair with your fingers while your hair is drying. It is advisable that you use wide-toothed comb or fingers for your wavy hair. You should not use hair brush as it will open the waves in your hair.

The women's Wavy hairstyles is best suitable for those of you who have thin hair as it gives volume to the hair and makes them look fuller.

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