Women Thin Hairstyles

Hair, which is considered as the crowning glory of woman and an important factor that contributes to her overall appearance, can become a major problem if the hair is thin. Thin hair do not look much attractive and there are very few attractive hairstyles which suit the face cut and also hide the fact that you have thin hair.

For those of you, who have thin hair, you should opt for short hairstyle which will bring the focus to your face instead of your hair. Long hairstyles should be avoided by women who have thin hair as they may look lifeless. The hairstyles which help your hair appear thicker and voluminous should be adopted by women with thin hair.

Womens Thin hairstyles

Some of the Best Hairstyles Thin Hair :

  1. Hairstyles with Bangs for Thin Hair: You can ask your hair stylist to give you hair bangs in the front which may cover the face slightly and curls at the back. Alternatively, you can pin your hair behind the ears. These hairstyles will help your hair fuller and thicker.
  2. Womens Thin Braids hairstyles: You can also tie your hair in braids as it will help keep your hair together, giving it a thicker look.
  3. Womens Thin Pixie or Elfin Cut hairstyles : This is a messy and choppy hair cut with the hair cut in different and uneven lengths. The hair around the face, back of the neck and ears have close-cropped layers which highlights the face and its features. You should get the trimming done every month to maintain the look. As far as everyday maintenance is concerned, you can just comb your hair to one side and go for your meeting with a special client.
  4. Womens Thin Blunt Bob Cut hairstyles: This hairstyle will help you in giving a thicker appearance to your fine hair. This hairstyle will have bangs on the forehead. This hairstyle is not for those among you who have curly hair. You should get trimming done after every one and a half month or so.
  5. Womens Updos hairstyles for Thin Hair : If you have long and thin hair, you can go in for updos which will hide the thickness of your hair and give a voluminous look. If you are going for a party, you can back-comb your hair to make it look fuller. But you should not overdo it as excess back-combing might harm your hair.
  6. Womens Thin Crimping or Body waves hairstyles: If you are going for a party or a function, you can get crimping done. Crimping will create the effect of waves on your hair and give it a fuller look. It is temporary and will last till your next hair wash.

Crimping machines are available in the market so you can either do it at home with the help of your friend or get it done at aa beauty parlor. First you have to spray water on your hair. Do not wet your hair too much and just make it damp. Divide the hair into different sections. Take one section at a time and press the two sides of the crimping machine on the hair for about 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure on the entire head.

  1. Crimping will look good on thin hair as it will provide volume to the hair. But you must not go for crimping regularly, as it may weaken the roots and harm your hair. Also, it is advisable that you do not start crimping from the roots as it will weaken the roots and damage the hair. You can start crimping after leaving some space from the roots of the hair.

Tips to Maintain Thin Hair:

  1. Women, whose hair are thin, should avoid going in the sun for longer durations as excess exposure to sun may damage your tresses and further lead to thinning of hair.
  2. You should not excessively use flat irons or curling irons as it may damage your hair.

How to do Hairstyles for Thin Hair

So even if you have thin hair, you can choose a hairstyle which will give a voluminous look to your hair

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