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Who said only a very few women are blessed with beauty? Hey every one of you is beautiful and just a little care on how you present yourself can project out the beautiful features in you and smudge off the not so perfect ones. Make up can do a great job and make you look more beautiful by hiding your flaws, but the perfect hairstyle is much better and easier way of making you look beautiful and confident. Choosing the best hairstyle for you can do wonders and make you look real beautiful while opting for the wrong ones can backfire and do a horrible job to you making you look completely out of place by bringing out all those little flaws and features in your face.

Are you already blessed with smooth and beautiful hair, then you are the lucky one and all you have to do is to wear it beautifully. And if you think you are among the unlucky few to have bad hair and bad features, then don’t worry a little help from your hair dressers can work magic on you. Choose the hairstyle which suits you the most and also is comfortable to you. Sometimes you cannot walk on the road with a goddess and the damn fashionable women's hairstyles even though it is the best one because some women's hairstyles does not go on with every type of dress. So select the one that is appropriate and comfortable in all the sense.

Some of the Women Hairstyles are as follows:

Women Long Hairstyles

If you are the one with long hair, you are the lucky among the lot. There are a number of women's hairstyles you can experiment with long hair that are never possible with the medium or short ones. Try parting you hair in different styles, side parting,, middle parting and the zigzag ones can change the way you look. Also you can try layering your hair as layers provide a better definition for your features. You can wear down your hair at any length but remember only thick and healthy hair looks good when long so never let your hair grow too long if you have a damaged and thin locks of hair. You can choose the style best suited and easy to maintain, wear it straight, curly, wavy or try it up or tie it down. You can do any number of things with your hair, color it and use a bit of highlights to make it stand out, tie it up if you want a shorter look and you can even try some braids.

The long haired lucky women can try the traditional Mexican hairstyles these are simple women's hairstyles that can be tried while you go to work and when are at home. Braiding your long hair is one of the Mexican way to keep it neat and in order. Or you can try the low braided chignon, where you part your hair in the front and coil your long braided hair into a neat bun near your neck securing it with bob pins; you can also coil it into the shape of an eight to make it more secure and beautiful. Try pulling out a few hairs near your ears and at your forehead to give it a lazy and stylish look. You can also try to coil your hair at the top after combing it tight and back at the fore head. This style can make your eyes look lovely and large. A beautifully set high Chignon and a few hairs falling lazily at your forehead can be the best bridal hairstyle for most women.

Women Medium Hairstyles

Are you bored with your long hairstyle or do you want to grow out of your short ones. Medium women's hairstyles and haircuts are many and can give you a new look. Try out fringes, or layers and give a new definition to the person you are. Medium hairstyles are an all time trend and you can manage it very easily. Some of the styles you can try with your medium length hair are the romantic Bob which suits the ones with medium to fine hair with the layers falling down your neck to give you a stylish look. If you have a much too thick hair, bob is not your style as it can end up too puffy making you looking messy.

If you have a round faced and wants it to look a bit narrow, then you can try out the angled bob, which works with almost all hair types but is best with long band straight ones. This haircut is formal and stylish at the same time Thick haired women can try wavy shag to make them look more beautiful and fine haired ones can try paneling their hair to give their hair a feel of volume.

Women Short Hairstyle:


Shot hairs are always the easiest to maintain and can give you a young and confident look. Short hair can always give you a bold and beautiful look while most think that short hairstyle can't suit them and it does not have a feminine touch. If carefully chosen women's short hairstyles can suit almost everyone and it can also be very feminine and sexy. For round face, it is better to cut the short hair in layers making it look a bit longer and narrow, wispy end cut are best suited for round face. Long narrow face usually goes best with blunt end cuts but narrow faced women should not try very short hairstyle as it makes the face look longer and the shortest hairstyle to be had by the long faced women is the chin length bob. You can look good in the short hairstyle irrespective of the shape of your face and your age, all you should do is to choose it with the help of a hairdresser and wear it with confidence.

Short haired women and medium haired ones can also try the punk or the rock hairstyle. Though these styles are trendy, they are not for everyone; the rock hairstyle usually suits the young and at the top of fashion women. The rock hairstyle has been in fashion in the 80's and is still holding its place with lots of color and spike up hairs. These hairstyle are a bit difficult to manage and may take a bit of time to do but can be done easily after you get a knack of it. There are bit variations of this punk hairstyle that you can wear everyday and make your fashion statement.

So what are you waiting for? Try out a new women's hairstyles for yourself and walk your way confidently and with pride. Don’t get surprised if anyone stops to admire you when you are off with your new style.

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