Gifts for Women

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Gifts reflect the feelings, thoughtfulness and love of the giver towards the recipient. The price of the gift doesn’t matter; it is the thought and feeling of the giver behind giving the gift is what really matters.
While choosing gifts for women, one should keep in mind their likes and dislikes and their interests. Gifts can be given on any occasion be it a birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s Day or a wedding. Some of the gift ideas for women are:

  • Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend so a diamond necklace or a diamond pendant with earrings are definitely going to brighten the day of the women in your life, be it your mother, wife or sister.

Gold jewelry is another weakness of women, so a gold pendant with initials of both of you or a heart-shaped pendant, a gold ring or a gold bracelet could be an ideal gift for your wife or your girlfriend. You can choose pendants with floral designs for your mother or sister.

  • You can make a collage of pictures of your priceless moments together and she is sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Alternatively, you can gift her personalized photo calendar with photos of two of you sharing beautiful moments together for keeping at a side table or on her desk in the office. She will not only cherish the times you spent together but will also be reminded of your love towards her.

  • If your mother or wife loves cooking and collecting recipes, you can gift her recipe books of her favorite cookery expert. Better still, you can jot down the recipes in a colorful scrapbook with pictures and gift it to her. You can also write the memories associated with a particular recipe made by her. She will definitely laud the effort you put in for creating the personalized cookery scrapbook.
  • Make a CD of your wife’s favorite songs and insert a message for her after each song, reminiscing about an incident or past joyful memories of your time together.
  • A sexy dress which your wife has been longing for quite a while or sexy lingerie which will make her look more attractive could be an ideal gift to rouse the passions.
  • All women love candles, so scented candles in different shapes and sizes and candle holders in different designs could be a great gift for the homemaker in your wife or mother. You are definitely going to have a lot many candlelit dinners. Alternatively, you can put scented candles along with some aromatherapy products in a gift basket to woo her.
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers like roses, orchids and tulips is a sure shot to bring a smile on the face of the woman in your life. For your wife or girlfriend, you can go in for red roses and she is sure to get floored by your gesture.
  • Chocolates along with red roses are another all-time favorite of women. Heart-shaped home-made chocolates with nuts, raisins and dry fruits in the middle are sure to let her heart skip a beat.
  • It’s not only men who are gadget freaks, women too like to possess the latest and trendy gadgets like mobile phone which she can use to listen songs, click photos, access internet and of course be in touch with the rest of the world.

You can also give her the latest digital camera or better still, a video camera to capture the beautiful moments of your togetherness forever. The latest laptops in the market with all the facilities can be a good option for the women who are always on the go.

  • Most women love spending their moolah on buying bags and shoes. You can never go wrong with designer purse from the house of Calvin Klein or Dolce and Gabbana as it will definitely be a hit with your woman.
  • Women spend a lot of time in kitchen to cook food for the loved ones. You can buy her kitchen gadgets like a new microwave, a hand blender or a food processor so that she spends lesser time in kitchen and more time with you.
  • You can gift aromatherapy-based bath products to her. You can include aromatic body wash, lotion and bath salts in the gift basket and she is sure to feel like a princess. You can also pamper her with a session of therapy at a popular spa and she is definitely going to reciprocate your gesture in her own way.
  • A make-up kit complete with lip colors, blush-on, eye shadows, eyeliners and nail polish is another gift option in which you can never go wrong.

Women are very emotional and sensitive by nature so any gift that appeals to their emotions and rekindle their feelings is likely to be appreciated.