Women Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair has both advantages and disadvantages. If you are in a tearing hurry to go to some party or meeting, you don't have to do anything special and you can just simply pin up your curly hairstyle and look wow, leading to envious glances from women.

The disadvantage of having curly hair is that a change in weather may ruin your look. More care is required to maintain the curly hair when compared with straight hair. Also, there are not many hairstyles for curly hair when compared to straight hair.

Some Of The Women Curly Hairstyles Are:

1. Women Curly Curls Hairstyles :

First you have to spray your hair with water. You should take care that your hair should not be completely wet. Divide your hair into different sections. Take one section of hair at a time, apply some gel to ensure that curls stay for longer and tightly roll them from down to up with your fingers and tuck it with pins. The curls will stay longer and tighter if you roll the hair tightly. If the hair is rolled loosely, your curls will also be loose and not last longer hair. You can take the help of someone for rolling your hair.

You can also use rollers or curlers available in the market. You have to roll a section of the hair around the rollers. Roll all the sections and keep it for an hour or two. If you have to go somewhere in the morning, you can do the procedure the night before and keep it overnight.

You must make sure that you do not brush your hair; you should either use combs which has a lot of gap between its bristles like perming comb or fingers which is the best option to separate the curls.

2. Women Curly Ringlets Hairstyles:

Spray your hair with water; divide the hair into different sections. Take one section of the hair and apply some gel on it so that ringlets last longer. Here also you can use rollers but in a different way. In curls, rollers were used to roll the hair upwards whereas in ringlets, hair has to be twisted on the roller from down to up.

Womens Curly Hairstyles

Keep it for an hour or two. You should make sure that you should twist them while opening the rollers so that ringlets don't get damaged. Like in curls, you should never brush your hair. You should use fingers to sort them out but also make sure that you do not overdo it.

Many beauty parlors use electrical ringlets machine for making ringlets on the hair of their clients.

3. Women Curly Twisted Up-Do Hairstyles:

For this women's curly hairstyles, you have to tie your curly hair in a ponytail. Take a top layer of your pony-tailed hair and let the curls come out. Take the remaining hair and roll it in the shape of a bun and tuck it up with pins at the back of the scalp.

4. Women Curly Half Up- Half Down Hairstyles:

This is the quickest and easiest women's curly hairstyles to do in any kind of hair. You have to comb your hair backwards and then pick up your hair from above the ears from both sides. You can either make a ponytail or tuck it together with a fancy clip or a clutch.

5. Womens Curly Side Sweep Hairstyles:

Comb your hair to one side and make a ponytail. Divide the ponytail into different sections. Take one section of hair at a time and make ringlets as told above.

Tips To Maintain Women Curly Hairstyles:

  1. Since curly hair are more fragile and dry when compared to straight hair, those of you who have women's curly hairstyles should avoid products which have alcohol in them, as they make the hair dry.
  2. You should use a moisturizing shampoo every week to avoid greasiness in the hair and to hydrate the scalp. Before shampooing, you should apply some conditioner to your hair. On days, when you are not shampooing, you should apply some conditioner and wash your hair.
  3. You should always apply conditioner with the help of a comb so that conditioner is spread evenly in the hair.
  4. You can control frizzing of your curly hair by applying anti-frizz hair serums, mousse or conditioning products.
  5. You should never brush your curly hair. You can either use perming comb which has gap between its teeth or your fingers to separate the curls.

It takes tremendous effort to maintain the curly hair but the effort is worth it if the end result is well- maintained and tidy tresses.

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