Winter Party Themes

Winter Party Themes

During the chilling months of the year, people are generally restricted to indoor event and activities which may be more predictable and boring than summer activities. Conceptualizing a fun winter theme to throw a party is a way to welcome the season when pool parties and other outdoor events aren’t at all time high, and winter parties are the best way to reinvent friendships even when the seasons renew themselves.

It's a long shivering winter, but it must not be boring also. Beat the cold with a warm winter party. This is the perfect time to get connected with friends and have fun. Or maybe you have already planned an event like an anniversary or sweet 16 Party. If you're short of inspiration for a big event in January or February or even for a casual get together, under mentioned are some of the great themes and ideas to get start with.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

There are various kinds of winter party theme ideas right for all types of parties, from fun bachelor parties to decent dinner parties.

Classic Winter Themes

Classic winter themes manifest the beauty and grandeur of the winter months by means of snow, ice, and other seasonal accents being the major part of the party theme.

  • Snow: The softness and purity of fresh fallen snow is awesome for a great winter theme. The party can introduce a snowball fight, creating snowmen, snacking on snow cones, cutting paper snowflakes, or simply enjoying the beauty of the snow clad area with white decorations and ice-blue accents.
  • Winter Wonderland: This wonderful theme encompasses the season’s mesmerizing aspects combined with simple snow accents. Ice sculptures, sleigh rides, ornate snowflake decorations, and chilled drinks are the best themes for this elegant theme.
  • North Pole: Younger party crowd will enjoy a North Pole theme in which they can play sled dog expedition, Eskimos, polar bears, and maybe a reflection of Santa’s elves.
  • Antarctic Adventure: The only theme of this party is fun, thrill and adventure. Penguins are the real pals to be a part of these party goers with this crazy theme.
  • Winter Sports: It’s quite easy to arrange a winter party around a great seasonal sport. Ice skating, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and winter hiking are athletic reasons that can be followed by group lessons or trying an entirely noble and chilly sport.
  • Chilly Friends: Animal-loving party-goers will enjoy winter party themes engaging several winter animals. Polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, harp seals, beluga whales, reindeer, snowshoe rabbits, moose, and elk are common winter creatures, and the party could incorporate a trip to a zoo with an intention to face-to-face meet them.
  • Penguin Party: In such parties, penguins are the most famous cold weather animal and the party could be themed on these birds. Movie of Penguins like March of the Penguins or Happy Feet are the right recreations, and guests could disguise in all black and white to mix with the flock.
  • Hot Cocoa: Combat the chilly day with a hot cocoa party. Guests will be happy to have unique flavors of warm teas and chocolates, and hosts could get a hot chocolate buffet with several cocktails such as whipped cream, cinnamon, marshmallows, butterscotch, peppermint chips, caramel, and other decadent treats. Chocolate scented candles and chocolate dipped mixing spoons are the best way to team them. Try scents such as hot cocoa, evergreen, or apple pie.
  • Caribbean theme: If you are not in a mood to remind your guest about the cold out there, snow and ice, why not have a Caribbean theme? Get some CD's from the library of reggae or Hawaiian music. Decorate with fake flowers, palm trees, and seashells. Make a cocktail of some coconut drinks. Forget the winter by going tropical and your guests are sure to realize your party is really hot.
  • Customized Invitation Cards: Finding a company that can offer you a customized Christmas invitations or cards filled with snow, snowflakes, or a snowman could be a great idea if you are unable to find an awesome winter party invitation. Ask the company to ward off the holiday aspect of it and keep it limited to just a winter theme.
  • Use Sled: Do you have a sled? Clean it and use the same as a decoration or you can put it on top of the table to support food platters.
  • Mitten Garland: Make a garland out of mittens. Attach every pair your family possess to a ribbon and hang it all over the room. If you don't have sufficient gloves, you can collect some gloves from the dollar store.
  • Decoration: Decorate with lot of white and accents of icy blue and silver. You can use fabrics i.e. gossamer, chiffon, and other materials to generate a winter crazy feel.
  • Fondue Party: Throw a fondue party. When your guests flock in front of the fondue pot to dip their bread cubes into the warm cheese sauce, the conversations will become cheesy. Plus, since they're doing their own cooking with the sauces which you have prepared before time, you'll have an opportunity to take part in the fun, instead of spending most of your time in the kitchen.
  • Hot Chocolates: You can feature gourmet hot chocolates in a variety of flavors. Make the marshmallows and whipped cream a part of your winter party theme!
  • Ice Sculpture: You can also create ice sculpture of your own. You can buy reusable and cheap molds using internet in different shapes. Just fill 90 percent of the mold with distilled water, freeze it for 2 days and unmold.
  • Recipe: Prepare your favorite chili recipe. Nothing can warm up your guests more than your homemade chili, beef stew of French onion soup. A winter party is the perfect time to serve those sticks.
  • Snowflake Motif: Winter party favors can be great with a snowflake motif. Snowflake based magnets and personalized message like, "Your friendship is the best way to warm up the coldest winter" can also be a great idea to enjoy a winter party. A general online search and you'll get lots of products that can be customized based on your words and even a photo.
  • Seasonal Activities: Plan your winter party based on seasonal activity like ice skating, skiing or sledding.
  • Select the Right Day: Plan your party around an event or holiday. Have a Super Bowl bash or Valentine's Day party. Turn President's Day, Chinese New Year or Groundhog Day into a fun gathering. Search the internet for the special days to celebrate like National Gum Drop Day, Winnie the Pooh day, Elvis' birthday, or throw a party to witness the Academy Grammy's or the Academy Awards. And you must remember Mardi Gras!
  • Ugly Sweater Party: You can also plan an ugly winter wear party. Invite your friends to wear their most repulsive winter wear. They will remember it as a gift received from a caring relative during the holidays. Whoever will top the worst dressed list guest, wins a prize.
  • Alternate Date Arrangements: If your vicinity receives a lot of bad winter time, possibilities are that you might wish to include an alternate date for the party, in the event when the forecast is for slippery roads. Inform your guests that you will call them before the party in case you change the date. If you plan to go this way, ensure that you plan your menu around make-ahead meals that you can freeze. In the event of party being postponed, you won't have to purchase or make party foods afresh.

So send out those invitations and pull up your shocks for a great winter party. Your guests will be excited that you planned something fun and fascinating to combat the cold weather blues.